Wardrobe Challenge

Now that I have loads of fabulous tango-worthy outfits filling out my wardrobe, I've been faced with a new challenge.

Job interviews.

And not a single nice fitting, straight hemlined skirt to be found. Handkerchief, asymmetrical, fringe, car-wash, ruffly, frilly hems - you name it, I've got it.

But a basic straight skirt?

Not one.

Well, not one that fits. Last time I needed interview clothes was several years ago, and I was a couple of sizes larger then. Sort of a good news/bad news thing. I feel great that I lost weight, but now I'm in a panic trying to find business-y clothes that fit well.

And frankly, I resent spending money on clothes I can't wear for tango. Should I feel guilty for that? Is that a bad sign? Things have certainly changed.

. . .

A related conversation with my husband on the 8th or 9th interview outfit I tried on.

Him: "Aren't you going to wear hose with that?"
Me: "I never wear pantyhose!"
Him: (very confused expression) "You always have tights on - the fancy ones for tango."
Me: "Oh. Those would be the fishnets, sweetie. I won't be wearing those to the job interview."
Him: *shrug* (with a slightly quizzical "Suit yourself. That's what you get for asking me these silly wardrobe questions" look on his face.)

So back to Goodwill and Salvation Army - my ultimate source for cheap, nice clothes.


Anonymous said...

There is a Salvation Army store in Pompeya, Buenos Aires but I've never had much luck there. I do have great luck at the consignment shops known as ferias americanas for shoes and clothing. There are several near the Congreso that I check regularly. That's how I found a pair of Chanel shoes and a Versace dress in my budget. Bargains are plentiful at weekend house sales as well. Shopping is my second passion after tango.

Christine--RHP said...

Mari, I totally understand. I pretty much only have interest in clothes I can dance in...
Do you have a ladies consignment shop near you? I find all kinds of gorgeous things at the consignment shops down in Scottsdale. Not sure if it's the high end environs or not...good luck!

The Accidental Tangoiste said...

In the longer term, you could see about having some of your old favorite business pieces altered, too. I was surprised at how inexpensively I could get good work done, with the lady who is now my regular seamstress. (Of course, it depends somewhat on what needs done...)

Best of luck in your job (and wardrobe) searching!

Uraniastargazer said...

Have you thought about looking for vintage styles? A 1940's wiggle skirt could work for interviews and milongas.