Prove it.

The last couple of posts sent me searching for one of my favorite quotes/videos of Gavito (one I'm told he took a lot of crap for at the time. But since I wasn't there, I can't really speak to that.)

The bit that I'm referencing starts about 4:25 as Gavito is teaching a class on giros. The sound quality is poor, but this is what he says to the followers:


"We accompany each other (during the giro). [ . . . ]
Do I have to push her? Does she listen to the music? Is she deaf? I don't think so.
Are you deaf, girls? You listen to the music?
Then prove it. Prove it that you listen to the music!"

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Tangocommuter said...

I think he continues with: 'It is very important that she listens to the music as much as you do'. A moment later, I think he says, 'She moves, I follow her. Then I move. I stop her, then I move. Then she moves when she wants...' Of course she knows the points at which she decides when to move, but it makes for wonderfully relaxed dancing.

Thanks for digging this out again.