Jorge Nel "Mr Tango" Shoes Coming to Austin, Texas - Help Me Choose!

Tangueros y tangueras of Austin and surrounding areas,

As I announced in the 'big reveal' at Practica de la Leona, I am going to start carrying Jorge Nel "Mr Tango"'s shoes in about two months (maybe less). He has offered me a lovely deal that I would like to share with you.

I am ordering 30 pairs of shoes, probably around 17 pairs of women's shoes, and 13 pairs of men's shoes. Jorge has asked that I pick the model, size, materials and heel height of each individual pair of shoes. That's 30 selections. Rather than picking randomly, I want to try to match up selections with what people want as specifically as possible. 

So here's the deal:

Pick the style, heel height, size, sole and materials - and I will order it for you. There is absolutely no obligation to buy the pair, or any other pair, when they arrive. Your feedback about how they fit compared to what you ordered and expected, is that valuable to me. This is just a really great opportunity that Jorge is offering and I want to get the best selections that I can. Again, you don't have to buy anything - I just want to get selections as close to what local dancers want, as possible. It's a win-win for everyone. :D  :D

Shoes can be ordered in narrow, regular width, wide and extra wide widths. I can also do a limited number (7) with double memory foam padding. Once I reach 7 requests for that padding however, I won't be able to get anymore without additional cost.

Soles are available in suede or leather.

Here are pictures of the models available (click on the picture to see larger images):

Mr Tango Shoes' Current Selection of Models - for men's shoe models, visit

Current Selection of Materials - click on picture to enlarge.

Additional models that I might still be able to order are pictured here (and also some of the men's models.)

Heel selection and padding.

The website links are below for more information: 

The color swatches and heel types etc., are at this page:

More (and better) pictures of some of the models are here:

NOTE: The materials selections from the drop-down menus on each shoe model page are not up-to-date. Use the swatch chart above for the most current selections.

If you would like to participate in "The Great Shoe Experiment" - email me at infinite tango(at)gmail(dot)com with the following information:

Materials (upper):
Heel height and type:

I will order it for you. If you love it when it arrives, wonderful! If not, no worries at all. Simply let me know what what was off - the size? the material? the width? etc.  That way I can make the most accurate orders possible for my next batch. Then let me know if you want me to try again with another order.

If you're not interested in a pair of shoes, I completely understand. Well, not completely, if I'm to be honest. I always want shoes. But I hear other people are stronger-willed. Anyway, if you don't want any shoes, I would love for you to still share your preferences via my survey pages so that I can get an idea of the sizes and types of shoes that Central Texas tango dancers might like.

Tangueras survey is here:
Tangueros survey is here:

Why I chose Jorge Nel "Mr. Tango Shoes"

I had several reasons for choosing Mr. Tango Shoes. I was looking for a line with more size options then we usually find locally - 1/2 sizes, narrow, wide, and extra-wide widths, more padding - the works. Jorge simply has the most options in getting a great fitting shoe. Plus, his shoes are less rigid than most brands, making it better for fully articulating the feet. I want dancers to have the best fitting shoes possible - we shouldn't have to compromise on fit.

A note about padding: While I am not a huge fan of padding the sole, as it limits the mobility of the foot somewhat, when you're rehabbing sore feet, there's almost nothing that feels better in a shoe than memory foam. I have a pair of the double padded shoes, and at the end of a long festival, they're a dream. I don't train in them, and I don't dance in them often - but for what I need them for, they're great.

I had also heard really great things about his men's shoes and practice shoes (again mostly about the variety of sizes and widths available). Since we don't have many men's shoes or practice shoes to choose from locally, I looked to Jorge Nel for those as well. 

While all of those are great reasons - the main reason was that I wanted to carry a line of shoes I could recommend as a trainer, and as a Healthy Foot Practitioner.  While I have been able to find shoes from other lines like Flabella and Neotango on occasion, Jorge Nel's shoes are simply more consistent in quality and sizing.

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