The Great Shoe Experiment Continues - Part 2!

Last time 13 people got to take home a pair of dream shoes (or two pairs) that they designed! And now, it's almost that time again. We're embarking on round two of the "Great Shoe Experiment" --

Below are some of my color/material ideas for the next order of shoes from Mr. Tango Shoes! ( Tango, ballroom, salsa shoes for men and women - for social dancing, performance and practice.  

What is your dream dance shoe? Do you like different designs for different seasons? I have to admit - I'm dying for some color. I keep getting variations of "black-and-something" - it's time for a shoe with (gasp) -- no black! .  (This is my favorite part - getting everyone's input on the shoe they'd like designed for them!) 

Possible color combinations - what do you think, teal, purple/silver with black/silver trim - too much?

I wish I'd thought of that red/beige pattern/copper suede combo in time for Valentine's Day!

More, more, more colors!!

More possible color ideas - the teal, leopard and beige is calling my name . . .

Leather swatches - laid out with comparable patches for size/design reference.

Suede swatches - missing #59 dark brown suede.

Fabric swatches - I'm missing #62 and #63 glitter fabric swatches in white and purple - but they can be viewed in the picture from Mr Tango Shoes website.

Mesh swatches - I'm still missing #73 gray mesh swatch.

And here are the swatches and options from Mr. Tango Shoes website. Please visit the website for all the options available and bigger, better pictures of shoe models that can be ordered. 

The swatches on the website are not to scale.

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