So Many New Things in Dance and Music Art!

First a huge thank you to my readers and friends for helping me through a very rough year and for being so encouraging of my new endeavors. I don't know how I could have made it through without you. Here's a recap of what I've been able to put together in a remarkably short period of time, thanks to an amazing support system.

My dance and music artwork, as well as some decor designs, are now on 3 platforms!

Some of My Art Categories on RedBubble

Infinitetango on Redbubble:

Infinitetango on Society6:

and most recently, my Infinitetango for Milonga Essentials store on Zazzle:

I have tango quotes, funny "Milonga Cats" series, Iconic Tango Musicians Portrait series, and the newest Roaring Twenties La Guardia Nueva series to celebrate the new decade of the 20s!

Tango Quotes from Gavito, Zotto, Hector Mayoral and more!

Milonga Cats using the Cabeceo, Tango Portraits and Buenos Aires Art

The new Roaring Twenties - get your flapper persona on!

Looking ahead to 2020 - here's what's coming!

  • More tango designs in Spanish! I know I've been taking way too long with these, but I want to get them exactly right and not embarrass myself lol.
  • More Tango Icons portraits
  • More Tango and Dance Inspirational Quotes since those seem to have the most demand.
  • More Tango Music - specific artwork. Orchestras, bandoneons and bandoneonistas and some more images I've hoarded from my trip to Buenos Aires.
  • More Art Deco Tango, Dance and Music designs. Inspired by Parisian posters and Erte etc., really feeling the Roaring Twenties resurgence lately. 

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