Compelling tango interpretation danced to Bloodstream, by Stateless

The digital quality of this video is a bit poor, which is a pity. The dancers interpret the music beautifully in places and music feels remarkably appropriate to tango. I may have to look into this band some more, as I really like the writing and the vocalist.

The spaces in between
Two minds and all the places they have been
The spaces in between

Description from YouTube, "This beautiful song by Stateless inspired us to make a tango music video. Danced by Moti and Gabrielle For tango information see"

Wake up look me in the eyes again
I need to feel your hand upon my face
Words can relay nice
They can cut you open
And the silence surrounds you
and hunts you

I think I might’ve inhaled you
I could feel you behind my eyes
You gotten into my bloodstream
I could feel you floating in me

Words can relay nice
They can cut you open
And the silence surrounds you
and hunts you

I think I might’ve inhaled you
I could feel you behind my eyes
You gotten into my bloodstream
I could feel you floating in me

The spaces in between
Two minds and all the places they have been
The spaces in between
I tried to put my finger on it
I tried to put my finger on it

I think I might’ve inhaled you
I could feel you behind my eyes
You gotten into my bloodstream
I could feel you floating in me

I think I might’ve inhaled you
I could feel you behind my eyes
You gotten into my bloodstream
I could feel you floating in me

Poem "Final Shadow" by Emilio Prados

Some poetry moves me today. Read about poet Emilio Prados here on Wikipedia

A portion (translated by Donald Wellman) of Emilio Prados' "Final Shadow" - The rest of the poem may be found here.

Night awakens
like a great wall of stone
and time is pushing it
unable to demolish it ...
My body does not rest
from waiting, face to face with night,
faithful tree of truth.
My eyes are now morning stars.

Today's Music - Piazzolla's Verano Porteno by Per-Olov Kindgren

One of my very favorite guitarists playing one of my favorite pieces of music. Can't think of a better way to start what will be a very long day.

Today's Music No. 2 - Tango Los Mareados

Music by: Juan Carlos Cobian
Lyrics by: Enrique Cadicamo (1942)
Translated by: Alberto Paz

Strange, as if lit up,
I found you drinking,
pretty and ill fated;
You were drinking,
and in the din of the champagne
crazily you laughed,
so as not to cry...
Pity I felt at finding you
because looking at you
I saw your eyes shine
with an electric fire,
your beautiful eyes
that I adored so much.

Tonight, my friend,
with alcohol we're getting drunk;
I don't care if they laugh
and call us "tipsy."
Everyone has their sorrows
and we have ours.
Tonight we will drink
because we won't ever
see each other again...

Today you will enter my past,
in the past of my life.
Three things bears my wounded soul:
Love, Regret, Pain.
Today you'll enter my past,
today we'll follow new paths.
How great our love has been
and, yet, aye, look what's left!

Today's Music - Gardel - Silencio (instrumental)

Lyrics by Carlos Gardel, Alfredo Le Pera and Horacio Pettorossi
Music by Carlos Gardel, Alfredo Le Pera and Horacio Pettorossi
English translation on 7/3/03 by Mike Strand

Silencio en la noche, ya todo esta en calma,
el musculo duerme, la ambición descansa.
Meciendo una cuna, una madre canta,
un canto querido que llega hasta el alma
porque en esa cuna esta su esperanza
Eran cinco hermanos, ella era una santa,
eran cinco besos que cada mañana,
rozaban muy tiernos las sedas de plata
de esa viejecita de canas muy blancas.
Eran cinco hijos que al taller marchaban.
Silencio en la noche, ya todo esta en calma,
el musculo duerme, la ambición trabaja.
Un clarin se oye...peligra la patria
y al grito de: Guerra! los hombres se matan...
cubriendo de sangre los campos de Francia.
Hoy todo ha pasado, florecen las plantas,
un himno a la vida los arados cantan.
Y la viejecita de canas muy blancas,
se quedo muy sola... con cinco medallas
que por cinco heroes, la premio la patria.
Silencio en la noche, ya todo esta en calma,
el musculo duerme, la ambición descansa.
Un coro lejano de madres que cantan
mecen en sus cunas nuevas esperanzas...
Silencio en la noche... silencio en las almas.

Silence in the night, all is calm,
bodies are asleep, ambitions at rest.
Rocking a cradle, a mother sings
a beloved song that touches the soul,
because in that cradle lies her hope.
There were five brothers, a saint for a mother.
Each morning five kisses
would tenderly graze the silver strands
of this little old mother’s white hair.
Five sons who went to work in the factory.
Silence in the night, for now all is calm,
bodies are asleep, but ambitions are at work.
A bugle sounds … the country is in danger.

To the shout of “War!”, men slaughter each other,
covering the fields of France with blood.
Now all that is past. Plants bloom,
plowed fields sing a hymn to life.
And the little old mother, with very white hair,
remains all alone … with five medals
for five heroes, awarded to her by the country.
Silence in the night, all is calm,
bodies are asleep, ambitions at rest.
A distant choir of mothers, singing as
they rock in their cradles new hopes.
Silence in the night … silence in souls

Tango Junkies

Emmeline Chang's The Tango Junkies - under "Non-fiction"
Great reading for first thing in the morning as I pack my dance shoes in work bag.

Today's Music - Celebrating Villa Urquiza

Another video posted by - so you'll have to go visit it as they disable embedding on their videos (but trust me, it's worth it.)

In this rare video clip that aired on Solo Tango in the 90's, Adriana Varela sings Enrique Cadicamo's VILLA URQUIZA, and Gerardo Portalea dances with Betty Pizarro.

Push Hands and Tango

Recently, I found someone else who does Push Hands and dances tango and was reassured that the similarities I felt were not just in my imagination. Since then I've been trying to focus on what it is specifically that brings such a strong recollection of PH hands to tango for me.

During push hands and tango when you're in that moment (I only catch glimpses of it right now. Hopefully soon it will be more than a second or two) there's a sensation of almost floating, flying, yet still supported, held.

Connected and yet dispersed.
The moved and the movement.
Like light, a wave and a particle at the same time.

tango dream

I've probably had other tango dreams lately, but this is the only one I remember. Strange how this one too is just a conversation.

Him: When are you going?
Me: Going where?
Him: Buenos Aires.
Me: What do you mean when am I going? I haven't even thought about that yet.
Him: (looking at me sternly) You should claim it.
Me: Claim it? What, like licking something and calling dibs?
Him: (very faintly bemused) Claim the future.

Tuesday's Class - Ochos

Posted by PlanetTango, here is a link to a clip from GottaTango that demonstrates a bit of what was taught in Tuesday's class - with many more variations. The video quality isn't great but the audio instruction compensates a bit.

For those who prefer a "count" and a slightly better video quality, below is a lesson from TangoCity on ochos. This demonstrates pivots very well, but it doesn't emphasize the weight shift, and importance of changes to the embrace that signal the invitation to the ocho. Still, between the two videos, the information presented will hopefully be helpful in practicing.

Today's Music

A long day today, filled with lots of unpleasant tasks. Tonight I'll dance all that off in my class, if I can just make it that long.

Today's Music is also today's example of beautiful tango dancing.

Ester Duarte & Chiche Núñez dance "Tanguera" with a Choreography based on the Urquiza style, continuing the tradition of Luis "Milonguita" Lemos and José "El Turco" Brahemcha. An elegant style of Tango Argentino. Shot in May 2007 in Berlin's beautiful Salón Urquiza.

En Tus Brazos - (In Your Arms)

Simply, serenely, perfectly, beautiful animated film about two famous tango dancers reliving their glory days in each other's arms.

See the homepage here:

Things change . . .

Like anyone with a pain condition, I have a pretty sincere fear of injury. I can't help it. I just find myself being extra careful, eventually avoiding activities that might lead to getting hurt. Pain itself is less debilitating sometimes than the fear of pain.

I'm dancing again, but I still have the fear of injury. The difference is now I'm afraid that I'll miss a dance class or won't be able to dance if I get hurt. Of course dancing makes everything feel better - while I'm doing it anyway.

Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order. ~Samuel Beckett

Todya's Music No.2 - Se dice de mí

Sometimes I'm just in a mood. I want to hear something bold and nervy. So today I bring you Se dice de mí.

Music: Francisco Canaro - Lyric: Ivo Pelay; Sung by Tita Merello.

Se dice de mí, se dice de mí.
Se dice que soy fiera,
que camino a lo malevo,
que soy chueca y que me muevocon un aire compadrón,
que parezco

mi nariz es puntiaguda,
la figura no me ayuday mi boca es un buzón.
Si chlarlo con Luis, con Pedro o con Juan,
hablando de mí os hombres están.

Critican si ya,
la linea perdí,
se fijan si voy,
si vengo o si fi.
Se dicen muchas cosas,
mas si el bulto no interesa,
porque pierden la cabezaocupándose de mí.

Yo se que muchos me desprecian compañíay suspiran y se mueren cuando piensan en mi amor.
Y más de uno se derrite si suspiroy se quedan si los miro resoplando como un Ford.

Si fea soy, pongámosle,
que de eso aun no me entere, en el amor,
yo solo se, que a mas de un gil,
deje de a pie.

Podrá decir, podrán hablar, y murmurar, y rebuznar,
mas la fealdad que dios me dio,
mucha mujer me la envidióy no diran que me engrupíporque modesta siempre fui.

Yo soy así Y ocultan de mí, ocultan que yo tengo,
unos ojos soñadores, ademas otros primoresque producen sensación.

Si soy fiera se que, en cambio,
tengo un cutis de muñeca,
los que dicen que soy chueca,
no me han visto en camisón.

Los hombres de mí critican la voz,
el modo de andar, la pinta, la tos.
Critican si ya la linea perdí,
se fijan si voy, si vengo, o si fui.

Se dicen muchas cosas,
mas si el bulto no interesa,
porque pierden la cabezaocupandose de mí.
Yo se que hay muchos me desprecian compañía,
y suspiran y se mueren cuando piensan en mi amor.

Y más de uno se derrite si suspiroy se quedan si los miro resoplando como un ford.
Si fea soy, pongamosle,
que de eso aun no me enteréen el amor,
yo sólo se, que a más de un gil, deje de a pie.

Podrán decir, podrán hablar, y murmurar, y rebuznar,
mas la fealdad que dios me dio, mucha mujer me la envidió.
Y no dirán que me engrupíporque modesta siempre fui.
Yo soy así.

Translation (by Alberto Paz)

It's said about me
It's said about me,
Its' said that I'm ugly,
that I walk like a quarrelsome person,
that I'm bowlegged and that I move
with a conceited attitude,
that I look like (jockey Ireneo)
Leguisamo,my nose is pointy,
the silhouette doesn't help
and my mouth is like a mail box.
If I chat with Luis, with Pedro or with Juan,
the men are talking about me.
They criticize if I already my waistline is gone,
they check if I go, if I come or if I left.
Many things are saidbut the shape doesn't matter,
because they lose their head
concerning themselves about me.
I know that many snub with lies
and sigh for me and die when they think of my love.
And more than one melts if I sigh
and if I look at them, they're puffing like a Ford.
If I'm ugly,
let's say it's so,
though I'm not aware of that,
when it comes to love, all I know,
that I left stranded more than one fool.
They might say, they might talk,
and gossip and bray,
but the ugliness that God gave me
many women envied it
and they won't say that I deceived myself
because I always was modest.
I am this way.
And they hush about me,
they hide that I have,
some dreamy eyes
besides other charms
that produce sensation.
If I'm ugly, I know that instead,
I have the skin of a doll,
those who say I'm bowlegged,
have not seen me in a nightgown.
The men criticize my voice,
the way I move, the appearance, ahem, the cough.
They criticize if already my waistline is gone,
they check if I go, if I come or if I left.
Many things are said
but the shape doesn't matter,
because they lose their head
concerning themselves about me.
I know that many snub the company I keep
and sigh for me and die when they think of my love.
And more than one melts if I sigh
and if I look at them, they gasp like they score a goal .
If I'm ugly,
let's say it's so,
though I'm not aware of that,
when it comes to love, all I know,
that I left stranded more than one fool.
They might say, they might talk,
and gossip and bray,
but the ugliness that God gave me
many women envied it
and they won't say that I deceived myself
because I always was modest.
I am this way.

Today's Music No. 1 - Gotan Project - Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)

I love this piece anyway - but I adore the video. It makes it seem as though tango could break out anywhere at any time - in the street, at the bus stop, in an office building - anywhere. Fantastic! As far as the music itself - aside from being highly addictive, I also like the cricket accompaniment throughout.

(A note to Kathryn - I've downloaded the Pimsleur Spanish (Latin American): The complete course I from Thanks for the heads-up on that resource. Soon, I hope to be able to understand more than every 3rd word of the tangos I'm dancing to. )

Winding up the evening . . . Piazzolla and Rani Turton

I was going to hold off posting this one until tomorrow, but it's more fitting for tonight I think. I always think of dancing as the way I express the things I can't write and can't talk about. Dancing doesn't always help me find my voice again but it brings a reprieve. The music outside helps bring the relief of silence inside. It doesn't makes sense but that's how it is.

Fabian Salas & Cecilia Gonzalez (Astor Piazzolla - Solitude, Suite Lumiere)

Solitude, Singing

Being alone is knowing
That in in this solitary splendour
Solitude, stark and staring,
Solitude, singing a lullaby
Solitude, singing a dirge
Surrounded by so many sundry things;
Things seen and unseen
Factors known and unknown
Solitude singing softly, chanting without ranting
Solitude’s songs that sing of solemn things

Silence singing golden songs
Silence healing ancient wrongs
If only silence could be
More than a memory
More than history
Silence can be more than words
Empty words echoing in an empty world
Echoing in empty valleys
Silence unspoken, unspoken, unbroken
Transfixed by time.

Rani Turton

Recommended - QuinTango

I tried to find specific tracks of a more desirable quality on YouTube for QuinTango, but didn't find any other than this one which is more of a compilation, then one specific piece. Still, it's enough to add it to my Amazon wishlist!

Be sure to visit QuinTango's Homepage at

One editorial review of QuinTango's self-titled CD follows: Tangos, tangos, tangos! Classic Argentine tangos, Piazzolla's New Tango, and the European favorite "Jalousie" presented by a quintet of sizzling strings and passionate piano. Includes an arrangement of the tango from Scent of a Woman, "Por Una Cabeza." Perfect for listening or dancing. Linder notes in English and Spanish. Warning: listening to tango can be addictive! (emphasis mine.)

That last sentence is exactly true, I wake up to tango in my head every morning now.

Today's Music: Glover Gill and Tosca Tango Orchestra

From YouTube (of course): The music is from the movie Waking Life, and it is composed and performed by Glover Gill and the Tosca Tango Orchestra.

On smoking and waiting - Fumando Espero

Dear readers, this post is about smoking. If you find the entire idea of smoking distasteful and revolting, please feel free to skip this segment (and corresponding first video) entirely. I haven't smoked in over a dozen years and I almost never miss it. Almost. Truthfully, I don't miss the reality of smoking - the smell, the taste - and certainly the dulling of those senses that the smoking caused. I miss it mostly when I'm trying simply to pass the time. To think about something else. To fill my mind with something other than what (or who) I'm waiting for.

Like Inigo Montoya, I hate waiting . . .
Smoking, while conveniently easing stress, gave me something to do with my hands, other than fidget, and my mouth, other than bitch.

Now, I don't smoke. I carry a pen in my hand almost constantly (even when I have no paper upon which to write a single word) and I pace. Pacing is most gratifying in very high heels or, even better, very high heeled boots. (While twirling a pen between my fingers.)

Not quite the same - but it smells better and won't give me lung cancer.

Which brings me to this. While cruising for yet more tango music, I came across Fumando Espero, which captivated me. Below I've included a video I chose for the sound quality and vocalist, the second, I chose because I liked the tango steps danced to it but the sound quality is not what I'd like. So there you are, two videos. They lyrics are listed below.

This first video reminds me strongly of the Madonna video for "Bad Girl" with Christopher Walken. If you're desperately curious or just really bored, you can find that here.

Smoked too many cigarettes today
I'm not happy, I'm not happy . . this way . . .

Anyway, on to Furando Espero

And now the tango danced to Fumando Espero . . .

Lyrics and music: J. Viladomat y Felix Garzó

Fumar es un placer, genial, sensual...
Fumando espero al hombre que yo quiero,
tras los cristales de alegres ventanales
Y mientras fumo mi vida no consumo
porque flotando el humo me suelo adormecer.

Tendida en mi sofá, fumar y amar,
ver a mi amado feliz y enamorado,
sentir sus labios besar con besos sabios.
Y el devaneo sentir con más deseo,
cuando sus ojos siento sedientos de pasión.

Por eso estando mi bien
es mi fumar un eden.
Dame el humo de tu boca
Dame que en mi,
pasión provoca.
Corre que quiero
enloquecer de placer,
sintiendo ese calor
del humo embriagador
que acaba por prender
la llama ardiente del amor.

La hora de inquietud con él no es cruel
sus espirales son sueños celestiales,
y forman nubes que hacia la gloria suben
y envuelta en ella, su chispa es una estrella,
que luce clara y bella con límpido fulgor.

Translation (by Julia Shaw)

To smoke is a brilliant, sensual delight…
Smoking I wait for the man I love
behind the wide panes of pleasant windows
and as I smoke I consume not life,
tending to sleep in the drifting smoke.

To lie on my sofa, smoke and love
to see my lover happy loving me
to feel his lips kiss with wise kisses
and more keenly desire the affair,
feeling the thirst for passion in his eyes.

When my love is near
smoking is an Eden.
Give me the smoke from your mouth,
give, for it sparks
passion within.
Run to me; I want
to go crazy with pleasure
feeling the heat of
intoxicating smoke
that has just ignited
love's burning flame.

The restless hour is not cruel, with him
his spirals are celestial dreams
forming clouds that ascend into glory
and wrapped in the mist, his spark is a star
shining with beauty clear and bright.

Today's Music Part 2 - Glover Gill & Tosca Tango Orchestra Ballade 4 part 1

I like to pick one classic piece and one newer piece every day, so here is a gorgeous/exquisite/beautiful piece from Glover Gill and Tosca Tango Orchestra. I love listening to this but the thought of actually dancing to it scares me to pieces.

I encourage you to visit Glover Gill's web page here.

Part 2 of Ballade 4 is below

Today's Music: AMIGOS QUE YO QUIERO - Friends who I love (1956)

It took me awhile to figure out just the right music for today. I had wanted to find some sad tango to reflect the bad night I had last night. Good music for feeling sorry for myself. But while I was sorting through the dozens of fantastic songs on and I came across one that expressed something I liked much more.

Music and lyrics by Hector Gutierrez
Friends who I Love

In our life there are a thousand things
that they're great, they're sublime and beautiful,
things that brighten and cheer our soul
encouraging our heart.
But there is something subtle and supreme
that it reaches us with serenity and calm
it is manliness and loyalty,
it's feelings and kindness,
it is sublime... it's called friendship.

Friends who I love
listen to this tango,
that has between its notes
a hearty handshake.
It was written from the soul
thinking about friendship
I sing it with tears
for those who no longer are here.
Let us raise our glasses
here in the old bar
that while there are friends
I have the desire to sing.

The existence that is a dark sentence
among friends it seems like a fair.
Without friends, it's not worth the trouble
this life with so much pain .
Friends just like poets
have deep secret tendernesses,
let's get closer to the noble friendship
that fills us with faith and kindness.

Friends who I love
listen to this tango,
that has between its notes
a hearty handshake.
It was written from the soul
thinking about friendship
I sing it with tears
for those who no longer are here.
Let us raise our glasses
here in the old bar
that while friends exist
I have the desire to sing.

Today's Music Nelly Omar - Adios Pampa Mia

Read about the fantastic Nelly Omar on TodoTango's Biography page.


¡Adiós pampa mía!...Me voy... Me voy a tierras extrañasadiós, caminos que he recorrido, ríos, montes y cañadas, tapera donde he nacido. Si no volvemos a vernos,tierra querida, quiero que sepasque al irme dejo la vida.¡Adiós!... Al dejarte, pampa mía, ojos y alma se me llenancon el verde de tus pastosy el temblor de las estrellas...Con el canto de tus vientosy el sollozar de vihuelasque me alegraron a veces, y otras me hicieron llorar. ¡Adiós pampa mía!... Me voy camino de la esperanza.Adiós, llanuras que he galopado,sendas, lomas y quebradas, lugares donde he soñado.Yo he de volver a tu suelo, cuando presientaque mi alma escapacomo paloma hasta el cielo...¡Adiós!...¡Me voy, pampa mía!...¡Adiós!...


Goodbye, my pampa !... I'm leaving... I'm leaving for strange lands Goodbye, roads that I have travelled, rivers, hills and ravines, the shack where I was born. If we don't see each other again,my loved land, I want you to know That in my departure I leave my life Goodbye ! . . . In leaving you, my pampa My eyes and my soul get filled With the green of your grass and the trembling of the stars; with the singing of the winds and the weeping of the guitars That sometimes made me happy And other times made me cry. Goodbye . . . my Pampa I'm leaving on the road of hope Goodbye, plains that I have galloped paths, hills and ravines Places where I have dreamed. I will return to your soil when I have a premonition That my soul is escaping Like a dove, up to the sky. Goodbye !I'm leaving, my pampa! ...Goodbye!...

Still absolutely amazing in 1997, with her recording of Comme Il Fault

by Arolas with lyrics by Gabriel Clausi

Luna, farol y canción, dulce emoción del ayerfue en París, donde viví tu amor. Tango, Champagne, corazón, noche de amorque no está, en mi sueño vivirá... Es como debe ser, con ilusión vivílas alegrías y las tristezas; en esa noche fue que yo sentí por vosuna esperanza en mi corazón. Es como debe ser en la pasión de ley, tus ojos negros y tu belleza. Siempre serás mi amor en bello amanecerpara mi vida, dulce ilusión. En este tangote cuento mi tristeza, dolor y llantoque dejo en esta pieza. Quiero que oigas mi canciónhecha de luna y de faroly que tu amor, mujer,vuelva hacia mí.

English translation not ready yet . . .

Tango cross step and longer variation

This was one of the things my class was working on last Tuesday (and I'm still working on in the stairwell ;-) )

This longer variation works in tighter dance spaces when you need to keep dancing, but not necessarily move forward.

How I feel before every class - "I carried a watermelon"

I'm so brave when I'm at work telling everyone how fantastic dancing tango is. Then right before I walk into class, I feel this:

About 0:29 seconds

For Mikey

Thinking of my friend who I've got thinking of tango now.
(Sorry, Mike sweetie - in my head DJ gets to wear the suit. ;-) )

(With thanks to Me Likey Tango for posting this outstanding video on his blog.)

We interrupt this tango for some really hot Coltrane

By way of Dave, some Coltrane quartet steaming up the stage (literally) in Belgium (outdoors!) Watch for around 4:30 when you can actually see the columns of steam coming off of their heads. Jazz is truly hot!

John Coltrane , McCoy Tyner
Jimmy Garrison , Elvin Jones


No lloré cuando hablamos de él.
No lloré cuando vi cuadros de él.
Pero cuando Melissa dicho, " ¿usted ahora baila el tango?
Franco sería tan contento."
Escuché el 'Poema'* y lloré y lloré.

The tango mentioned above is "Poema" 1935 - tango by Mario Melif (music) and Eduardo Bianco (lyrics).

Today's Music - Paciencia (1937)

Music: Juan D'Arienzo Lyrics: Francisco Gorrindo ("Froilán")

Rec. by Juan D'Arienzo with Enrique Carbel

Tr. by Jake Spatz

Anoche de nuevo te vieron mis ojos,anoche de nuevo te tuve a mi lao.Pa'que te habré visto, si después de todofuimos dos extraños mirando el pasao...Ni vos sos la misma, ni yo soy el mismo,los años, la vida, quién sabe lo qué...De una vez por todas mejor la franqueza:yo y vos no podemos volver al ayer!

Last night I really laid my eyes on you again, last night again I had you right here at my side. What did I see you for if we're only, in the end, a pair of strangers looking back on other times? You're not the girl you were, I'm not the same young man: the years, the lives, who knows what anyone can say... Once and for all it's better to put the matter frankly: you and I can never go back to yesterday.

Paciencia... la vida es así.Quisimos juntarnos por puro egoísmoy el mismo egoísmo nos muestra distintos,para qué fingir...Paciencia... la vida es así.Ninguno es culpable, si es que hay una culpa. Por eso la mano que te di en silenciono tembló al partir!

Have patience... it's how it has to be. We wanted a reunion to satisfy ourselves,but our very selves themselves showed up as something else,what good is make-believe... Have patience... it's how it has to be. No one's in the wrong here, if anything's to blame. That's why the hand I offered in silence didn't tremble when it was time to leave!

Haremos de cuenta que todo fue un sueño,que fue una mentira habernos buscao,así buenamente nos queda el consuelode seguir creyendo que no hemos cambiao...Yo tengo un retrato de aquellos veinte añoscuendo eras del barrio el sol familiar;quiero verte siempre linda como entonces:lo que pasó anoche fue un sueño no más!

We have to come to terms with the dream it all has been,with the folly that it was to search each other's face, and happily be rid of the wishful consolationit is to keep believing that nothing ever changed. I hold on to a picture of us at twenty years,when you were the only person in the neighborhood for me; I want to see you always the darling that you were—whatever happened last night was nothing but a dream!

Tango interrupted

Hard day at work yesterday. I really, really needed to settle into my bus seat, put on my headphones and listen to tango music. It was that kind of day. I needed Poema.

Instead I got to (as the whole bus got to) listen to the most incredibly rude man shout into his cell phone for over 30 minutes. I don't care about the work you're involved in with the AG office. And I'm sure Doug wouldn't appreciate you sharing his lab test results and insurance issues with a dozen strangers on a bus. You're not important because you can raise your voice and make a bus load of people think about pitching you and your cell phone out the exit. You're just an ass.

And I really needed to hear my music yesterday.

Anyway, here is the music I was trying to listen to yesterday with my MP3 player on the loudest volume it could go. The recording isn't so great below, but the tango, of course, is so beautiful.

Elasticity, weight change, communication related tango instruction videos

With regards to elasticity:

And this video, also from TangoStudent on Youtube, more closely demonstrates what we worked on in last night's class - though we used the "training" or "learning" embrace.

Tango and "Push Hands"

As I was in class last night, I couldn't help thinking of the martial art style "Push Hands" as we (the students) were learning about giving and receiving energy, force, resistance etc. DJ and I have had some small experience with Push Hands, or Pushing Hands, and the feeling of the tango embrace reminded me so strongly of this, I had to look it up again.

From Wikipedia: "Push hands allows students to learn how to respond to external stimuli using technique from their forms practice. Among other things, training with a partner allows a student to develop ting jing (listening power), the sensitivity to feel the direction and strength of a partner's intention."

Sound familiar? Obviously, the bit about actually fighting should probably remain off the dance floor. But the idea is still very interesting.

Here is a beautiful demonstration of the style:

Today's Traditional Music - Sur (South) Instrumental - Homero Manzi - Aníbal Troilo

Lyrics to the vocal version:

(Edmundo Rivero sings a beautiful version here - though the video quality is not great: .)

San Juan y Boedo antigua y todo el cielo,Pompeya y, mas alla, la inundacion, tu melena de novia en el recuerdo, y tu nombre flotando en el adios... La esquina del herrero barro y pampa, tu casa, tu vereda y el zanjon y un perfume de yuyos y de alfalfa que me llena de nuevo el corazon.Sur... paredon y despues... Sur... una luz de almacen... Ya nunca me veras como me vieras,recostado en la vidrieray esperandote, ya nunca alumbrare con las estrellasnuestra marcha sin querellaspor las noches de Pompeya. Las calles y las lunas suburbanasy mi amor en tu ventanatodo ha muerto, ya lo se.San Juan y Boedo antigua, cielo perdido,Pompeya y, al llegar al terraplen, tus veinte años temblando de cariñobajo el beso que entonces te robe. Nostalgia de las cosas que han pasado, arena que la vida se llevo, pesadumbte del barrio que ha cambiadoy amargura del sueño que murio.

English Translation (by Alberto Paz)

Ancient San Juan and Boedo streetcorner, the whole sky Pompeya and farther down, the floodsYour loose hair of a bride in my memory and your name floating in the farewell The blacksmith’s corner, mud and pampa,our house, your sidewalk, and the ditchand a scent of weeds and alfalfa that fills the heart all over again.South, a large wall and then...South, a light from a general store...You’ll never see me again, like you saw me,reclined on the glass windowand waiting for you.I’ll never illuminate with the starsour walk without quarrelson the evenings of Pompeya...The streets and the suburban moons, and my love on your window,all is dead, I know it...Ancient San Juan and Boedo, lost sky,Pompeya and reaching the embankment,your twenties trembling with affectionwith a kiss I then stole from you. Nostalgias of things that have past, sand that life swept away, sorrow for the barrio that have changed,and bitterness for a dream that died.

After the tango class - State of Mind

I made it through my first lesson in Argentine tango. As to be expected, my little experience in Ballroom tango hindered in some ways and helped in others. In ballroom tango, it's easier to "cheat" in a sense, and not feel so completely for the lead. You have already learned the steps you are dancing and you know how to start most sequences. In Argentine tango, the embrace is the language for everything else. You can start anywhere go anywhere in the procession of steps. So feeling the lead (obviously this is from a follower's perspective) is everything. The emphasis on this shows in the different way the classes are taught. Ballroom tango class began with the opening sequence of steps. Argentine tango class began with the embrace and connection.

The transition was a difficult one for me. Finally, I had to simply close my eyes and not look at anything. That changed everything.

After the class, fast tango music seemed like too much to listen to. So I put Gotan Project's Paris, Texas. Not exactly a traditional tango - well, not exactly traditional anything. Put perfect for the state of mind I was in. Below is a film project set to Paris, Texas that I think is just beautifully done. Again, just what I needed.

For you tango purists, I'll post more a traditional piece in a little while. Still deciding on the music (and trying not to pick yet another Astor Piazzolla piece.

Today's Music: Jacinto Chiclana Milonga, Piazzolla and Borges


Me acuerdo, fue en Balvanera, en una noche lejana, que alguien dejó caer el nombre de un tal Jacinto Chiclana. Algo se dijo también de una esquina y un cuchillo. Los años no dejan ver el entrevero y el brillo. ¡Quién sabe por qué razón me anda buscando ese nombre! Me gustaría saber cómo habrá sido aquel hombre. Alto lo veo y cabal, con el alma comedida; capaz de no alzar la voz y de jugarse la vida.


Nadie con paso más firme habrá pisado la tierra. Nadie habrá habido como él en el amor y en la guerra. Sobre la huerta y el patio las torres de Balvanera y aquella muerte casual en una esquina cualquiera. No veo los rasgos. Veo, Bajo el farol amarillo, El choque de hombres o sombras Y esa víbora, el cuchillo. Acaso en aquel momento En que le entraba la herida, Pensó que a un varón le cuadra No demorar la partida. Sólo Dios puede saber la laya fiel de aquel hombre. Señores, yo estoy cantando lo que se cifra en el nombre. Entre las cosas hay una De la que no se arrepiente Nadie en la tierra. Esa cosa Es haber sido valiente. Siempre el coraje es mejor. La esperanza nunca es vana. Vaya, pues, esta milonga para Jacinto Chiclana.


I remember, it was in Balvanera, in a distant night, that someone dropped the name of someone named Jacinto Chiclana. Something was also said about a street corner and a knife. The passing years don't let us see the brawl and the sheen. Who knows for what reason that name is looking for me! I would like to know how must have been that man. I picture him tall and consummate, with his obliging soul; capable of not raising his voice and ready to risk his life.


No one with a firmer footing must have stepped this earth. No one must have lived like him in love and war. On the orchard and the courtyard the towers of Balvanera and that fortuitous death on any street corner. I do not see the characteristics. I see, under the yellow light, the clash of men or shadows and that viper, the knife. Perhaps at that moment when the wound entered his body, he thought that to a man it suits not to delay the departure. Only God can know the faithful kind of that man Gentlemen, I am singing what's centered in the name. Among all things there is one of which there are no regrets from nobody on Earth. That thing is to have been brave. The courage is always better. The hope is never vain. So, then, this milonga is for Jacinto Chiclana.

Milonga Manners - Tango Etiquette

I was sent this very informative article by a friend. It discusses the expectations and guidelines of tango in social settings, including dance flow, inviting and declining invitations and more.

There is also this article by Ney Melo from called Tango Etiquette: The Do's and Don'ts of Inviting and Accepting.

Polish your Tango with Specific Step Tutorials

BewitchingBlackLotus has posted several step and embellishment tutorials on YouTube that are extremely helpful in expanding your tango repertoire. See Jennifer Bratt's YouTube channel here.

Displayed below, Decorated Side Steps

Watching these videos makes me want loads more shoes.

LaMaleva Tango Tutorial: Decorated Side Steps- Embellishment
LaMaleva Tango Tutorial: Front Boleo
LaMaleva Tango Tutorial: High Back Boleo
LaMaleva Tango Tutorial: Low Back Boleo
LaMaleva Tango Tutorial: Basic Tap - Embellishment
LaMaleva Tango Tutorial: Tap on Forward Step - Embellishment
LaMaleva Tango Tutorial: Tap on '2' - Embellishment
LaMaleva Tango Tutorial: Tap on '3' - Embellishment
LaMaleva Tango Tutorial: Beat in Front - Embellishment
LaMaleva Tango Tutorial: Double Beat -Tango Embellishment
LaMaleva Tango Tutorial: Caricias - Embellishment
LaMaleva Tango Embellishment: Ochos with Cha Cha Cha
LaMaleva Tango Tutorial: Rulo Loco - Embellishment

TangoCity posts 12 Argentine Tango Lessons on YouTube

If you need some extra practice during your lunch break, this is the way to go! Here are all the links for 12 of the original 20 lessons. 13-20 are not available on YouTube, unfortunately. Instructors are Mora Godoy and Osvaldo Zotto. Lesson 1 is displayed below:


My friends have abandoned me for the dark side... Salsa classes... :-( Now I'm on my own for Tango classes - both Argentine and Ballroom. So how brave am I?

Today's tango: "La Mariposa" - The Butterfly

Carlos Gardel "La mariposa" (P. Maffia/E.C.Flores)


No es que este arrepentido de haberte querido tanto, lo que me apena es tu olvido y tu traicion me sume en amargo llanto; si vieras, estoy tan triste que canto por no llorar; si para tu bien te fuiste, para tu bien yo te debo perdonar! Aquella tarde que yo te vi tu estampa me gusto, pebeta de arrabal, y sin saber por que te segui y el corazon te di y fue tan solo por mi mal. Mira si fue sincero mi querer que nunca imagine la hiel de tu traicion. Que solo y triste me quede sin amor y sin fe y derrotado el corazon. Despues de libar traidora en el rosal de mi amor te marchas engañadora para buscar el encanto de otra flor; y buscando la mas pura, la mas linda de color, la ciegas con tu hermosura para despues engañarla con tu amor. Ten cuidado, mariposa, de los sentidos amores, no te cieguen los fulgores de alguna falsa pasion, porque entonces pagaras toda tu maldad, toda tu traicion.

English: (translated by Albert Paz)

It's not that I'm regretful of having loved you so much, what upsets me is your oblivion and your betrayal plunges me into bitter weeping; if you could see, I'm so sad that I sing to avoid crying; if you left for your own sake, for your own sake I must forgive you! The afternoon when I saw you I liked your appearance, babe of the suburbs, and not knowing why I followed you and I gave you my heart and it was only for my misfortune. Look how sincere was my love that I never imagined the bitterness of your betrayal. That I was left alone and sad without love and faith and a beaten heart. After sucking, betrayer, from the rosebush of my love, you leave unfaithful looking the spell of another flower; and looking for the purest one, the one with the prettiest color, you blind it with your beauty to later deceive it with your love. Be careful, butterfly, of the deeply felt loves, don't get blind by the glow of some false passion, because then you'll pay for all your wickedness, for all your betrayal.

Book Review: Tango and the Political Economy of Passion

Reprinted from

"Because I have no answers to my questions, I tango. I tango because I have to move in the midst of these uncertainties. . . . My first steps in tango taught me about both overwhelming domination and stubborn resistance."

The main criticism with the author's style is that she does seem to enjoy her prose a little too much. However, there are few treatments of Tango that are this comprensive (in English, anyway.) She does warn the reader early on that her style may be challenging:

"For this reason I speak in bursts, splashes, and puddles, opening windows to what I have expected to be major controversial knots engendered by the justaposition of tango and decolonization."

She's not kidding - that's a very accurate description of her style. There were many moments of, "wait, weren't we just discussing something else a paragraph ago?" It leaves the reader wondering if he or she is the intended audience, of if the author is truly writing to herself and we are simply eavesdropping on the conversation.

Is it still worth reading? Absolutely. Every page. Set aside some time for it though - this is not a fast or easy read. Ms. Savigliano explores politics, class, racism, and revolution - by following the tango from Buenos Aires to Tokyo (and back). And by looking at Passion as emotional capital 'accumulated, recoded and consumed.'

"So, pick and choose. Improvise. Hide away. Run after them. Stay still. Move at an astonishing speed. Shut up. Scream a rumor. Turn around. Go back without returning. Upside down. Let your feet do the thinking. Be comfortable in your restlessness. Tango."

If you'd like to read a preview of this book, you can find a substantial portion of the book on

"The history of the tango is a story of encounters between those who should never have met or between those who, having met, will remain forever disencountered." While her style is certainly compelling, even lyrical, it does at times weigh down what she might actually be trying to communicate. So be prepared to re-read passages and research references that she doesn't explain in favor of wrapping those references in beautiful, if disorienting, prose.

I dreamt of tango

My thoughts of tango go back to 2002 when I dreamt of tango... well, more of a conversation about tango. That's not precisely right either.

I dreamt that I was walking home from work (I worked only about a mile from my apartment) when I was joined by a man I'll just call "the Librarian." I had known the Librarian since 1999, and so it was not unusual for him to occasionally end up in one my dreams. We got about half way to the apartment when we passed a small park with tree-covered patio. This park had never been on my way home before, but it was a dream and these things happen in dreams.

The Librarian and I walked over to the patio and saw that people were dancing - dancing tango specifically. The music was the saddest, most beautiful piece of music I had heard to that point in my life. (And I listen to opera, it should be noted, so my collection of sad music is substantial.) I was hearing Astor Piazzola's Milonga Del Angel which I had probably heard earlier in the day from a friend's compilation. I had not imagined then what it would look like to see people dancing to it, however. I was mesmerized by the scene. Couples (10 or 12 couples in all, I think) swayed, turned, leaned, paused and held each other, then parted.

It was overwhelmingly sad. I told the Librarian how melancholy the music seemed for dancing and he answered, that's why they dance to it, because it's so sad. I looked at the Librarian for some clarification or further words on the subject, but he said nothing. His eyes were shaded by his fedora and so I could see nothing from his expression.

When I turned back to the dancers and the music the colors of the scene were almost too strong to look at. The Librarian leaned close to my ear and whispered, "you've been trying to tango for years."

I woke with the words, "yes, I have," on my lips.

Below is the music from my dream:

Astor Piazzolla - milonga del angel

The music (and further information) can be found here:

Libertango feat. Yo Yo Ma from "The Tango Lesson"

Despite the video quality, still one of my favorite clips on YouTube.

Today's Music and Video - Tangobar dances to Gotan Project

I desperately want some red shoes, and about 100 more lessons.

Here are the lyrics I forgot to post earlier:

Una inquietante mirada De amor porteño Cálida y cruel No, no puedo creer que pasó Que el misterio sensuel De tu risa canyengue se apagó Brindo por esa ilusión De amor porteño Loco puñal Dulce y fatal, la nostalgia De un tiempo pedazo de nosotros dos Y yo que pensaba que no me importaba Que una caricia podía borrar el color de mi ciudad El código oculto de esa mirada Es como una señalY no puedo zafar Un deseo sutil que temblando me viene a buscar
Y yo que pensaba que no me importaba Que una caricia podía borrar el color de mi ciudad El código oculto de esa mirada Es como una señal Y no puedo zafar Un deseo sutil que temblando me viene a buscar.

A worrying look Of porteño's love Warm and cruel No, I don't believe what happened That the sensual mystery Of your smile fade out I make a toast for that illusion Of porteño's love Crazy dagger Sweet and fatal, the nostalgia Of a time that was a piece of us both And I who thought that I don't care That a caress could erase the colour of my city The hidden code of that smile Is like a signal And I can't release A subtle desire that trembling comes looking for me And I who thought that i don't care That a caress could erase the colour of my city The hidden code of that smile Is like a signal And I can't release A subtle desire that trembling comes looking for me.

What I'm Listening to now: Discepolo’s "Uno"

Uno busca lleno de esperanzas
el camino que los sueños
prometieron a sus ansias...
Sabe que la lucha es cruel y es mucha
pero lucha y se desangra
por la fe que lo empecina.
Uno va arrastrándose entre espinas
y en su afan de dar su amor...
sufre y se destroza hasta entender:
que uno se ha quedao sin corazón...
Precio de castigo que uno entrega
por un beso que no llega
o un amor que lo engañó...
Vacío ya de amar y de llorar
tanta traición...

One goes searching full of expectations
down the path that had been promised
in one’s dreams to one’s desires...
One knows the fight’s a vicious and a tough one
but one fights it through the bloodshed
with a faith that never tires.
Time and again one clambers into thorns
and in the urge to pledge one’s love
suffers and gets destroyed until one learns
that one’s been left without a heart at all...
One pays it out as the price of being punished
for every kiss that never comes
or every love that leaves one fooled...
too empty then to care and shed a tear
for being so betrayed...

Si yo tuviera el corazón...
el corazón que di...
Si yo pudiera como ayer
querer sin presentir...
Es posible que a tus ojos
que me gritan su cariño
los cerrara con mis besos...
sin pensar que eran como esos
otros ojos, los perversos,
los que hundieron mi vivir...
Si yo tuviera el corazón,
el mismo que perdí;
si olvidara a la que ayer
lo destrozó,
y pudiera amarte...
me abrazaria a tu illusion...
para llorar tu amor.

If I could have the heart again...
the heart I gave away...
If I could love without a scare,
the same as yesterday...
There’s a chance that when your eyes
are howling me affection
I might kiss them to a close...
without a thought they’re just like those
two other eyes, that turned against me,
the ones that ruined life for me...
If I could have the heart again...
the very same I lost;
if I could just forget the one
who smashed it once,
and could I only love you...
then your illusions I’d embrace...
to cry for your love too.

Pero, Dios, te trajo a mi destino
sin pensar que ya es muy tarde
y no sabre como quererte...
Déjame que llore como aquel
que sufre en vida la tortura
de llorar su propia muerte.
Buena como sos, habriás salvado
mi esperanza con tu amor...
Uno está tan solo en su dolor,
uno está tan ciego en su penar...
Pero un frio cruel que es peor que el odio,
—punto muerto de las almas—
tumba horrenda de mi amor,
maldijo para siempre y me robó
toda ilusión...

But, God, you came walking into my future
without a thought that now it’s too late
and I won’t know how to love you...
Let me cry just like a man who suffers
while he’s still alive the torture
of having his own death to cry for.
Goodness that you are, you might have saved
my sense of longing with your love...
Sorrows make a person so alone,
suffering makes a person get so blind...
Except a cruel coldness worse than hatred,
—the very dead spot of the soul—
my love’s own terrifying tomb,
condemned me ever afterward and stole
every hope of mine...

Villa Urquiza and other styles of Argentine Tango

From: Sergio Vandekier - on the Tango List at

How Villa Urquiza style (Traditional Tango) differentiates itself from the other styles: (in this video).

Long Steps, Embrace in "V", use of a varying embrace (elastic embrace) close, with little light to open, profuse use of embellishments, elegant erect posture. Elegant formal dressing.

Tango walk with a narrow base, the feet brush heels as they pass each other, the foot lands either toe or heel first. Walking on a line with external rotation of the foot.

1 - Milonguero - Cacho Dante -

Shorter steps, embrace more frontal (where the V is less evident), close embrace only, different degree of elegance, Tango walk with a wider base, the feet are right under the hips, the feet do not brush heels as they pass each other, the foot land flat on the sole, walking on two lines, no external rotation of the foot. Less use of embellishments.

2 - Milonguero - Susana Miller- Same as #1 except that here the embrace is more in V, and there is more play with the rhythm. Use of ocho cortado.

3 - Nuevo Tango -

Fabian Salas -
Tendency to use non traditional tango music.

Very open embrace, colgadas, soltadas, volcadas, piernazos, changes of direction, changes in the embrace, profuse use of heel sacadas.

Mariano Chicho Frumboli

A very open embrace, profuse use of heel sacadas and changes of direction. Elegance is sacrificed in exchange for an element of "surprise".

Tendency to use non traditional tango music (in this case Argentine folkloric music is used). Some piernazos, some volcada, a very open embrace, some soltadas.