InfiniteTango on RedBubble now has over 250 Designs!

As I wrote in a previous post, through all of this stress and mayhem, I've kept creating designs - both in the InfiniteTango Designs account (on and on but also on my secret (non-tango) side account that I'll write about shortly, in a separate post.

I've added more tango quotes, dance quotes, Tango in Buenos Aires artwork, dance wear designs, and even more "Cateceo" Milonga Cat designs. As of today there are 286 designs available on InfiniteTango on Redbubble. There are over a 100 of my top sellers on Society6, so check that site too as sometimes their specials are better. They also have more items available - towels, even furniture. (But Redbubble now has socks, and honestly I'm more excited about tango socks than I really should be.)

Pugliese Socks omg!!

(Note: I was able to recover an old drive of artwork I thought had been lost, so several pieces on RB and S6 have been updated with their larger, higher quality versions.)

Tango and Dance quotes

Welcome New Years 2020 with a celebration of 1920s Great Gatsby/Jazz Age Designs for milongas and parties!

More, larger, and higher quality versions of my tango in Buenos Aires pieces!

Remember to look for discounts and deals from these sites as we approach Black Friday and the holiday season. Believe me when I say there is never a need to pay full list price. They have sales every few days on various items. One easy way to get a discount is to add items to your cart (make sure you're signed in) and then leave the site. Close it out completely. By the next morning, you'll often receive an emailed coupon code for a discount on items in your "abandoned" cart. This works on loads of sites, but I've found it works pretty consistently on Redbubble on Society6.

And if none of my artwork speaks to you - check out other tango artists on these platforms! What better gifts to give dancers than artwork created for and by dancers? Here are a few of my favorites:

Lisa Haney on RedBubble - tango illustrator with tremendous talent and gorgeous designs!! I have several of journals and shirts.
Balboa29 on RedBubble: - fun dance and tango designs.
Diego Manuel Rodriguez on Society6 - Argentinean artist who has a variety of tango and non-tango, Argentina focused designs.

If you find or follow other artists on these, or other platforms, please post links to them in the comments. Support indie art wherever and however you can!

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