Hazardous floor pt II

Something that did surprise me about last weekend's hazardous milonga, is that one dancer, who usually dances larger, more nuevo style steps, was one of the dancers that kept me safest on the floor. I danced with him toward the end of the night when I was already a bit battered and anxious. He was perfectly calm, held me in close embrace and made me feel incredibly safe. He danced to the floor conditions and to the music. Even when I was flinching and "eek!"-ing all over the place (at other dancers, not at anything my partner was doing) - I could actually close my eyes for a few seconds at a time. He didn't bump me into anyone. I never felt anyone's heel hit me.

So my homework for the week - to be repeated as necessary:

I will not make assumptions about nuevo dancers.
I will not make assumptions about nuevo dancers.
I will not make assumptions about nuevo dancers.


londontango said...

Also, I forgot to mention in comment from previous post. If my partner is dancing defensively, I ain't dancin. Get the picture? Where is the joy in dancing with eyes open and wondering if you are going to get stabbed with a pair of stilletos and your partner is worried more about who might bash into him that he is not paying too much attention to where he his putting you? Nuff said. x

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like salon than nuevo.

Mari said...

Londoontango - your comment cracks me up. It's hard to tell if the leaders (by the end of the evening especially) were more concerned about their own calves or mine, injury-wise. I think I should have taken bastet's example regardless - and just sat down to watch the mayhem from the sidelines.

Anonymous: I should have been more clear - my partner was dancing parallel/milonguero (never opening the embrace) while he was dancing with me that night. On other occasions that I've danced with this gentleman, his style ranges from salon to nuevo - depending on music and available room.

londontango said...

That is why I don't dance much when I go to Negracha. It can get a bit hairy out there. When the men start complaining about the floor, I know it's time to stay on the sidelines and wince at the antics and just try and enjoy the music or a little conversation!