The Next Adventure(s) . . . Leona Training, Capezio, and shoe care

Friday, I left my non-tango professional life at UT to dance, and to be of service to dancers.

My teacher's words now ring in my ears.

"One day," she said, "you won't be able to leave your tango life (to return to my non-tango world.)" She said it with a mix of comfort, and sad inevitability. Sort of good news/bad news. It won't be the cure, it will just be a more interesting set of ailments. And so it is.

Practica de la Leona will continue roughly every other Sunday. I will finally get to see my personal training clients who have been patiently waiting for my schedule to clear up.  More intensive group classes in preventing, and rehabbing after, injury will begin in early 2014. In a few weeks the first shipment of Jorge Nel (Mr. Tango Shoes) arrives. Shoe care/leather restoration services are now on the list of services I provide. Leona Training is getting to be a very large umbrella of services now, and I could not be more excited.

This Friday I also begin my first shift at Capezio dance supply. Capezio, with it's more than 125 year history, fits very well with my values and goals of helping all kinds of dancers dance better and more comfortably. I will be learning how to fit pointe shoes (ballet is uncharted territory for me) and trying not to take home my paycheck in merchandise. I've used Capezio shoes for minimal shoe training for a couple of years now and recommend them very highly. (Let's see, Merrell Barefoot Life Jungle Glove minimal shoe (which isn't exactly very minimal) for $100, or Capezio Freeform for $44? That's what I thought, too.)

Capezio Freeform (available in black, also.)

So, trying not to use my villain voice, it's all coming together very nicely.