After the tango class - State of Mind

I made it through my first lesson in Argentine tango. As to be expected, my little experience in Ballroom tango hindered in some ways and helped in others. In ballroom tango, it's easier to "cheat" in a sense, and not feel so completely for the lead. You have already learned the steps you are dancing and you know how to start most sequences. In Argentine tango, the embrace is the language for everything else. You can start anywhere go anywhere in the procession of steps. So feeling the lead (obviously this is from a follower's perspective) is everything. The emphasis on this shows in the different way the classes are taught. Ballroom tango class began with the opening sequence of steps. Argentine tango class began with the embrace and connection.

The transition was a difficult one for me. Finally, I had to simply close my eyes and not look at anything. That changed everything.

After the class, fast tango music seemed like too much to listen to. So I put Gotan Project's Paris, Texas. Not exactly a traditional tango - well, not exactly traditional anything. Put perfect for the state of mind I was in. Below is a film project set to Paris, Texas that I think is just beautifully done. Again, just what I needed.

For you tango purists, I'll post more a traditional piece in a little while. Still deciding on the music (and trying not to pick yet another Astor Piazzolla piece.

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