I dreamt of tango

My thoughts of tango go back to 2002 when I dreamt of tango... well, more of a conversation about tango. That's not precisely right either.

I dreamt that I was walking home from work (I worked only about a mile from my apartment) when I was joined by a man I'll just call "the Librarian." I had known the Librarian since 1999, and so it was not unusual for him to occasionally end up in one my dreams. We got about half way to the apartment when we passed a small park with tree-covered patio. This park had never been on my way home before, but it was a dream and these things happen in dreams.

The Librarian and I walked over to the patio and saw that people were dancing - dancing tango specifically. The music was the saddest, most beautiful piece of music I had heard to that point in my life. (And I listen to opera, it should be noted, so my collection of sad music is substantial.) I was hearing Astor Piazzola's Milonga Del Angel which I had probably heard earlier in the day from a friend's compilation. I had not imagined then what it would look like to see people dancing to it, however. I was mesmerized by the scene. Couples (10 or 12 couples in all, I think) swayed, turned, leaned, paused and held each other, then parted.

It was overwhelmingly sad. I told the Librarian how melancholy the music seemed for dancing and he answered, that's why they dance to it, because it's so sad. I looked at the Librarian for some clarification or further words on the subject, but he said nothing. His eyes were shaded by his fedora and so I could see nothing from his expression.

When I turned back to the dancers and the music the colors of the scene were almost too strong to look at. The Librarian leaned close to my ear and whispered, "you've been trying to tango for years."

I woke with the words, "yes, I have," on my lips.

Below is the music from my dream:

Astor Piazzolla - milonga del angel

The music (and further information) can be found here: http://www.jazz.com/music/2008/7/11/astor-piazzolla-milonga-del-angel

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