Recommended - QuinTango

I tried to find specific tracks of a more desirable quality on YouTube for QuinTango, but didn't find any other than this one which is more of a compilation, then one specific piece. Still, it's enough to add it to my Amazon wishlist!

Be sure to visit QuinTango's Homepage at

One editorial review of QuinTango's self-titled CD follows: Tangos, tangos, tangos! Classic Argentine tangos, Piazzolla's New Tango, and the European favorite "Jalousie" presented by a quintet of sizzling strings and passionate piano. Includes an arrangement of the tango from Scent of a Woman, "Por Una Cabeza." Perfect for listening or dancing. Linder notes in English and Spanish. Warning: listening to tango can be addictive! (emphasis mine.)

That last sentence is exactly true, I wake up to tango in my head every morning now.

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joan singer said...

good to know you enjoy our music. We are working on new video. have a new CD on amazon - TANGO LOVERS. yes, we share your problem of waking up with a tango soundtrack in our heads. lovely way to start the day.