Tango interrupted

Hard day at work yesterday. I really, really needed to settle into my bus seat, put on my headphones and listen to tango music. It was that kind of day. I needed Poema.

Instead I got to (as the whole bus got to) listen to the most incredibly rude man shout into his cell phone for over 30 minutes. I don't care about the work you're involved in with the AG office. And I'm sure Doug wouldn't appreciate you sharing his lab test results and insurance issues with a dozen strangers on a bus. You're not important because you can raise your voice and make a bus load of people think about pitching you and your cell phone out the exit. You're just an ass.

And I really needed to hear my music yesterday.

Anyway, here is the music I was trying to listen to yesterday with my MP3 player on the loudest volume it could go. The recording isn't so great below, but the tango, of course, is so beautiful.

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