Today's Music No. 2 - Tango Los Mareados

Music by: Juan Carlos Cobian
Lyrics by: Enrique Cadicamo (1942)
Translated by: Alberto Paz

Strange, as if lit up,
I found you drinking,
pretty and ill fated;
You were drinking,
and in the din of the champagne
crazily you laughed,
so as not to cry...
Pity I felt at finding you
because looking at you
I saw your eyes shine
with an electric fire,
your beautiful eyes
that I adored so much.

Tonight, my friend,
with alcohol we're getting drunk;
I don't care if they laugh
and call us "tipsy."
Everyone has their sorrows
and we have ours.
Tonight we will drink
because we won't ever
see each other again...

Today you will enter my past,
in the past of my life.
Three things bears my wounded soul:
Love, Regret, Pain.
Today you'll enter my past,
today we'll follow new paths.
How great our love has been
and, yet, aye, look what's left!

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