Today's Music - Paciencia (1937)

Music: Juan D'Arienzo Lyrics: Francisco Gorrindo ("Froilán")

Rec. by Juan D'Arienzo with Enrique Carbel

Tr. by Jake Spatz

Anoche de nuevo te vieron mis ojos,anoche de nuevo te tuve a mi lao.Pa'que te habré visto, si después de todofuimos dos extraños mirando el pasao...Ni vos sos la misma, ni yo soy el mismo,los años, la vida, quién sabe lo qué...De una vez por todas mejor la franqueza:yo y vos no podemos volver al ayer!

Last night I really laid my eyes on you again, last night again I had you right here at my side. What did I see you for if we're only, in the end, a pair of strangers looking back on other times? You're not the girl you were, I'm not the same young man: the years, the lives, who knows what anyone can say... Once and for all it's better to put the matter frankly: you and I can never go back to yesterday.

Paciencia... la vida es así.Quisimos juntarnos por puro egoísmoy el mismo egoísmo nos muestra distintos,para qué fingir...Paciencia... la vida es así.Ninguno es culpable, si es que hay una culpa. Por eso la mano que te di en silenciono tembló al partir!

Have patience... it's how it has to be. We wanted a reunion to satisfy ourselves,but our very selves themselves showed up as something else,what good is make-believe... Have patience... it's how it has to be. No one's in the wrong here, if anything's to blame. That's why the hand I offered in silence didn't tremble when it was time to leave!

Haremos de cuenta que todo fue un sueño,que fue una mentira habernos buscao,así buenamente nos queda el consuelode seguir creyendo que no hemos cambiao...Yo tengo un retrato de aquellos veinte añoscuendo eras del barrio el sol familiar;quiero verte siempre linda como entonces:lo que pasó anoche fue un sueño no más!

We have to come to terms with the dream it all has been,with the folly that it was to search each other's face, and happily be rid of the wishful consolationit is to keep believing that nothing ever changed. I hold on to a picture of us at twenty years,when you were the only person in the neighborhood for me; I want to see you always the darling that you were—whatever happened last night was nothing but a dream!

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