Today's Music

A long day today, filled with lots of unpleasant tasks. Tonight I'll dance all that off in my class, if I can just make it that long.

Today's Music is also today's example of beautiful tango dancing.

Ester Duarte & Chiche Núñez dance "Tanguera" with a Choreography based on the Urquiza style, continuing the tradition of Luis "Milonguita" Lemos and José "El Turco" Brahemcha. An elegant style of Tango Argentino. Shot in May 2007 in Berlin's beautiful Salón Urquiza.


Louis said...

Just wondering about your remark: "Choreography based on the Urquiza style"? What do you think are the specific characteristics of the Urquiza style? To me, it seems like normal salon, with some fantasia elements.

Mari said...

Louis - I didn't get to see your comment until just today! Sorry for the delay! I took the description from the site - so I can't really speak to how accurate it is.