Winding up the evening . . . Piazzolla and Rani Turton

I was going to hold off posting this one until tomorrow, but it's more fitting for tonight I think. I always think of dancing as the way I express the things I can't write and can't talk about. Dancing doesn't always help me find my voice again but it brings a reprieve. The music outside helps bring the relief of silence inside. It doesn't makes sense but that's how it is.

Fabian Salas & Cecilia Gonzalez (Astor Piazzolla - Solitude, Suite Lumiere)

Solitude, Singing

Being alone is knowing
That in in this solitary splendour
Solitude, stark and staring,
Solitude, singing a lullaby
Solitude, singing a dirge
Surrounded by so many sundry things;
Things seen and unseen
Factors known and unknown
Solitude singing softly, chanting without ranting
Solitude’s songs that sing of solemn things

Silence singing golden songs
Silence healing ancient wrongs
If only silence could be
More than a memory
More than history
Silence can be more than words
Empty words echoing in an empty world
Echoing in empty valleys
Silence unspoken, unspoken, unbroken
Transfixed by time.

Rani Turton


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