Austin Spring Tango Festival March 27th - 29th

It's that time again! Love and tango are in the air! If you haven't visited already, check out the web pages here:

Austin Spring Tango Festival:

Austin Spring Tango Festival on Facebook:

- Workshop and Friday Milonga at Dancer’s Workshop, 11150 Research Blvd. #205, Austin, TX 78759
- Saturday milonga with performances held at Go Dance 2525 W. Anderson Ln. in North Cross Mall
- Sunday milonga with potluck dinner at Esquina Tango, 209 Pedernales St. (@ 3rd St.), Austin, Texas

The guest teachers (and their respective websites) this year are:

* Somer Surgit (Chicago) -
* Cecilia Gonzalez (BsAs) -
* Donato Juarez (Mar del Plata)
* Florencia Taccetti (BsAs/Minneapolis) - Her bio on
* Federico Naveira (BsAs) - Federico Naveira & Inés Muzzopappa Blog
* Inés Muzzopappa (BsAs) - Federico Naveira & Inés Muzzopappa Blog

Cecilia Gonzalez & Donato Juarez CITA 2007 (Malandraca)

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