Chango Spasiuk "Mi Pueblo, Mi Casa, La Soledad"

Chango Spasiuk "Mi Pueblo, Mi Casa, La Soledad"
My Town, My House, the Solitude

I so needed to come across this first thing on a Monday morning. Dragging myself into work, after a weekend of bad news - nothing brings me back to life than this music.

Here's yet another CD I need to add to my wishlist. :-)

"Mr. Spasiuk is an Argentine accordionist, the grandson of Ukrainian immigrants. He grew up on chamamé, a style from the red-dirt region where Argentina borders Brazil and Paraguay. In its down-home form, chamamé has a vigorous 6/8 beat and merges elements of African, Indian, Spanish and other European and Eastern European music; the accordion itself arrived from Europe."

Read Jon Pareles New York Time Review here:

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