Do you dream in tango?

Aside from the usual "oh my God, I'm back in school and it's too late to drop all these classes I'm failing - and I didn't bring my No. 2 pencil dreams" (conveniently illustrated here), I dream about tango a lot these days. Sometimes just pieces of music in the background, sometimes watching other people dance - less frequently the treasured dreams of myself dancing.

Last night, or rather this morning, I dreamt of tango class. First I danced with teacher 'C' who has a habit of telling the leaders to attempt to "trick" their followers by constantly doing the unexpected. The idea is that this will encourage a genuine, authentic follow - not rote repetition of steps. I think I must have been very cranky in my dream. When I danced with C. he went through his usual maneuvers and I tripped up, thinking I knew what he was doing when I didn't. Of course that was the point. But as I said, I was cranky in my dream and this time I spoke up. I told him that I would feel better about offering a genuine, authentic, complete follow if I felt safe doing so - not like this was an exercise meant for me to prove myself.

I wish I could think of this stuff when it actually happens.
sigh... C'est la vie

Next in my dream, I danced with my teacher D. and relaxed completely, effortless. I felt so light, almost ethereal. I told him, between tandas, that he was like the philosopher's stone, turning my feelings of leaden heaviness into light strands of gold.

I never think of things like that when I'm awake...

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