It takes energy to dance this badly . . .

I had the best partners last night at tango class - gentle, helpful, patient . . . Amongst them they probably led 12 crosses... I "got" 3 of them. Of the ochos - I did "catch" most of the back ochos - and almost none of the forward ochos. My axis was wobbly. I kept forgetting to keep my knees bent. I also kept watching my leads' feet. To be fair, one of them was wearing shiny bronze shoes. I can't be responsible for staring at shiny things - it's genetic. Impssible to resist.


Sometimes I think, my God this is the greatest thing ever - I could do this for hours and hours. Other times I think, how can I suck so badly at something I like so much?


I'm not sure if my Note from the Universe is helpful or not...

Sometimes when you're ready for a change, Mari, and you kind of know it
but won't admit it, when it comes, not only are you surprised, but it hurts.

Yeah, I know that doesn't help much, unless you remember the "ready" part.
Because there is simply no change that might ever transpire in time and space
that happens before you're fully able to use it for your own growth and glory.

Love watching you create,
The Universe


Next milonga in T minus 62 hours.


Golondrina said...

Hi. I know this post was written some time ago but just wanted to say 'sit tight'. I generally tend to come back from tango, either buzzing happily or skulking in feeling low because I just wasn't on form that night. It definitely has a polarising effect! Hope you are feeling on the Up now!

Mari said...

Thank you so much for that comment. It didn't get the notification of it until today for some reason but it's every bit as relevant now as it was then!