My first milonga . . .

was wonderful - though I spent most of the time trying to find a comfortable position for my injured toe and listening to music. It was of course the music the got me there in the first place. I did have someone come tell me that I must be "hard core" to come to a milonga mostly for the music. My journey started with one piece of tango music - what can I say but that?

In my first milonga I watched gentlemen ask women to dance with merely their eyebrows. Fantastic. The language of eyebrows is fascinating. I must practice answering in my mirror ;-)

The music of the evening was accompanied by something I didn't expect - the somewhat hypnotic sound of the dancers' feet sweeping the floor like soft whispering in time with the music. Next time my feet will be contributing to the whispering.

I also learned to never, ever stop by your office on the way to a milonga. It's courting disaster - if not just distraction. For god's sake don't look at anything in your office - you don't really want to know if anything's gone wrong anyway. And don't check your email, either. Just a suggestion.

and to Carlos and Patrick - thank you for making me feel like a million bucks.

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