Talking Tango with Nana

Me: "I'm taking tango lessons and I've already been to two milongas!"
Nana: "You're taking merengue lessons? Is that like salsa?"
Me: "No tango, a milonga is a party where you dance tango."
Nana: "You're in Texas, why don't you do line dancing? Or country and western dancing?"
Me: "Because I like tango music more."
Nana: "You should learn waltz. Why not take waltz?"
Me: "There are more opportunities to dance tango. It's a very social thing - I can go tango dancing almost every week." (God willing.)
Nana: "You can waltz anywhere."
Me: "uhm... actually, not really."

I could actually dance tango anywhere though. Bus stops, intersections waiting for the light to change, my office . . . Why is that?

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