Wow, just WOW. Sight impaired students learn to tango beautifully!

This is so beautiful that all I could do was stare. We all know how hard it is at first especially to learn tango. Imagine being blind and keeping track of your partner, the other dancers and the audience by sound and feel alone. This is a bit dated (10/2/08) and I found it on the wonderful Hybrid Tango Blog in Atlanta, GA


Golondrina said...

Wow - a really inspiring video. I wonder if the Shimmy Club is still going? I was particularly impressed by their amzing floorcraft (no bumps etc) - something that could be improved on in the London dance scene. It reminds me of an experiement to make all leaders wear blindfolds for a tanda to see if they could 'sense' the other couples rather than seeing a gap and charging for it. The article said it improved the leaders no end!

Mari said...

thinking of blindfolds - it reminds me of a leader I really enjoy dancing with - except that he frequently dances with his eyes closed. I didn't realize it at first since my eyes were closed to lol. Then I looked up and saw his face and though, 'shouldn't one of us be watching the floor?' lol