Another class, another pair of shoes - and my tango evolution

In the beginning (the very beginning, since it's going to be the beginning for a really long time), tango was like dessert. This wonderful sweet thing that gave me a little rush.

Then it became food - like fuel. Tango (classes/practica/milongas) gave me energy. I could go for little while without it, but I'd start to feel tired and... we'll put it nicely, a little cranky.

Soon, tango was like water. Constantly moving, flowing, finding new places - and I found myself thirsting for it. I couldn't go as long without it as I could before without getting restless, listless.

After class today, I felt like I had just started breathing again. I had class *and* practica just yesterday. Now I have two more days until the next milonga. So has tango changed again for me? Is tango air?

In other news, sometimes my writing about tango gets me into trouble. Well, not so much trouble as gets me into unrealistic expectations. I've met several people now that have read my blog and I'm thrilled to pieces, of course, that anyone reads anything I write.

And then we dance.

I've been writing a (whole) lot longer than I've been dancing tango. So if, lovely reader, you invite me to dance, I will give you everything I have - but I may still totally miss a cross lead. My grapevine looks a little more like spaghetti noodles then the pretty rotation I can do when I'm practicing with my coat rack. Every class/practica/milonga sharpens my following senses, speeds up my response - but I am still a beginner.

Let's just say that what I lack in "mad-tango-skillz" I make up for in enthusiasm. I'm like a tango cheerleader (tango pusher? tangovangelist?) in every class and practica - recruiting for the next milonga. Somehow the newest people always get directed to me, probably (I'm hoping) because I'm constantly campaigning for this beautiful world in which I find myself. I want everyone to experience the bliss.

Okay, enough of that.
You'd think I never do anything else but tango!
Oh wait.....

Anyway. Here are the new shoes - very plain, lower heel which I'll have to get used to - but they're very comfortable. Until next time - see you at the milongas!


Eduardo Castro said...
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Eduardo Castro said...

Hi Mari,
Yes, reading "My Tango Diaries" made me believe that you don't need to take tango workshops/classes anymore: ("..If you dance as you write..."). So I see how writing about tango gets you into "unrealistic expectations".

Yet, reading "My Tango Diaries" helps me improve my ability to dance tango.
When you make a point, I think about it from the leader’s perspective.
When I'm at the dance floor, I don't get to interview all my partners and ask them how their dance experience is. For this reason, it feels that you the follower's voice.

At the dance floor I am completely absorbed being the lead and following the music.
Also, I am still a beginner. But I feel that if I can follow the music, I can lead.
A friend told me today that the key to dance tango is "elegance". Also, once I heard that "Tango is not in the feet. It is in the heart". Put it this way, tango is easy as pie. I think you are a great follower. I am not setting high expectations, but I bet that you dance with your heart, so this makes you a great tango dancer.

AmpsterTango said...

Dear lovely writer,

Would you like to dance?

Mari said...

Dear AmpsterTango,

I would love to dance.

ad said...

I love the new shoes, Mari!

Please know that your enthusiasm is always welcome to this tango baby :)

Mari said...

I'm just now able to see so many comments that I, for some reason, couldn't see before. (I had notifications turned off :( ) Eduardo - thank you as always for what you wrote. And thank you for your kind words about the potential of my dancing. I still tell people that I am more enthusiastic than I am skilled - but I think, most of the time, that is enough.

ad - thanks a million. I adore reading your blog!