FriniTango Tango School Film Project

For some of you this is old news - but when I stumbled across it on YouTube (which I certainly wasn't looking at while I was at work, how dare you make such an accusation!), I thought it was one of the most clever short tango films I'd seen.

These are the students of FriniTango in Chania/ Crete / Greece performing in the "MAQUILLAJE" tango. Not only is the film well edited to combine the lyrics, music and dancing - they even made a "blooper reel" making-of video to show the highlights of production.

The Blooper/Making of Video:

The lyrics for Maquillaje:

ni es cielo ni es azul,
ni es cierto tu candor,
ni al fin tu juventud.

Tu compras el carmin
y el pote de rubor
que tiembla en tus mejillas,
y ojeras con verdin
para llenar de amor
tu mascara de arcilla.

que timida y fatal
te arreglas el dolor
después de sollozar,
sabras como te ame,
un día al despertar
sin fe ni maquillaje...

- Ya lista para el viaje
que desciende hasta el color final -

que son mentiras tu virtud,
tu amor y tu bondad
y al fin tu juventud.

te maquillaste el corazón!

Mentiras sin piedad...
Que lastima de amor!


it's neither sky nor it's blue,
nor it's certain your candor,
nor your youth after all.

You buy the carmine
and the jar of color
that trembles in your cheeks,
and bags under your eyes with eyeshadow
to fill with love
your mask of clay.

that timid and fatal
fix up the pain
after sobbing,
will know how loved you,
one day when waking up
without faith nor make-up...

- All set for the trip
that descends until the final color -

That are lies your virtue,
your love and your goodness
and at the end your youth.

you made-up the heart!

Lies without mercy...
What a pity for love!

Translation courtesy of Alberto Paz at
(Lyrics Homero Exposito, Music Virgilio Exposito, Song 1st part Adriana Varela-2nd part Orq. Fernandez Fierro) Concept -Direction-Choreography-Video Editing Frini and Dimitris


Frini & Dimitris said...

Thank you for posting our video here! Please feel free to browse our youtube channel for our
latest tango video productions. You can follow the playlist links for social dancing, performances, tango clips and lessons.
For more details you can visit our blog.

Best Tango regards
Frini & Dimitris

Mari said...

Thank you for the link - and for sharing such wonderful videos.