If not now, when?

More bad news today. Reconnecting with friends, neighbors and loved ones over the past week, to find so many laid off, sick, . . . worried. We are all struggling these days to keep our lives, our families, and our jobs together.

After sharing stories and circumstances with a co-worker that I said I was desparately looking forward to the milonga on Saturday. She asked me how on earth I could think about tango during times like these.

During times like these, how can I not think about tango?


Unknown said...

for three/four hours we can "control" what is going on we find peace, an inner calm...dare I say Zen, when we dance

To quote the MC in Cabaret (1972 film) "Leave your troubles outside! Life is disappointing? Forget it!"

Mari said...

I definitely agree about Zen. Thank you for your response, Carmen