Learning to shut up and be grateful.

It was bound to happen. Especially after an hour tango class, another hour practicing and watching the intermediate class, and then 2 hours of practica. Fast forward through dinner and short nap, to milonga the same night. I managed to dance in the endorphin buzz until just about midnight.

And then Piazzolla. *sigh* I was too tired, and I knew it. But I couldn't resist Piazzolla - plus I would be dancing with one of my instructors, so I knew I was in good hands.

All of perhaps 8 steps into the dance, my body just stopped. I tried to pivot, swivel for an ocho - and just couldn't. I locked up. At first, since there wasn't any pain, I was just bewildered, tried to keep going and walk it out. But anything that involved turning my hips just wouldn't happen. Frustrated, I made it through the one song, apologized profusely to my very patient (and probably somewhat confused) instructor, and made it back to my chair. As soon as I sat down, ironcially, the pain started. I was frustrated, embarassed. And then had to remind myself I'd been dancing almost 7 hours that day. I should have been elated, not embarrased. I should have been grateful to my body for giving me so much of the day without any pain at all.

So I pulled myself together, silently thanked my body for a lovely day, changed shoes, (thanked my instructor again for the dance and for his patience) and called it a night.

Dance till the stars come down from the rafters
Dance, Dance, Dance till you drop.
~W.H. Auden


happyseaurchin said...

you sure have a tough teacher there
but the lesson is a good one
and i hope to learn from it vicariously from you

buddhist saying:
"satisfaction for the past
gratitude for the present
and spiritual energy for the future"
just put up stuff you can download and listen to podcast:

Mari said...

Oh, I should clarify. I *wanted* to finish the song very badly and not leave the floor in the middle. My instructor would have completely understood had I wanted to. But sometimes I have to go whole milongas without Piazzolla - I didn't want to miss it - even if I could only forward and backward lol.

Thank you as always for your comment (and for the link). You have such great stuff to listen to on your page :)

Stephen Twist said...

Knowing when to quit is quite an art, especially with our enthusiasm for tango. The temptation is....just another; and then, just another! Hope you are feeling better. Loved your comment in the last paragraph.

Mari said...

Thank you Stephen for your comment - you're right, it is an art.