What I learned in class yesterday - Giros!

Finding videos on YouTube (which I must repeat - I never do at work, cross-my-heart *fingers-crossed*) that demonstrate what we learned in class, is almost as much fun as practicing the steps in the class itself. (Okay, not really, but it will have to do.)

So, yesterday was all about giros - or turns. I found two great videos that not only demonstrate the sequence and variations - but also include additional text hints and guidance throughout.

Video 1: Tango Argentino - Giros Tecnica 1

Video 2: Tango Argentino - Giros Tecnica 2

The above demonstrations are not to be confused with this silliness below, which, although it shows technical prowess, would likely lead to your follower getting dizzy and falling down.


Anonymous said...

We appreciate very much the nice comment you left in one of our blogs, The Tango Life.

It gave us the opportunity to become aware of your own blog and your inquisitive mind.

Here is our humble contribution to your turning around and around,

Mari said...

thank you so much for the link - and for visiting my blog. Your site and videos are very inspiring!