Accidental adornment

On Saturday, I danced with one of my favorite partners to fantastic live tango music (by the extra-wonderful Glover Gill and Tosca String Quartet). I was exhausted, sore from practice and class, and not entirely in my right mind apparently. When I sat down afterwards, a friend told me that I'd done "quite a lovely adornment" during a particular piece of the music.

Says me: "Pardon? A what?"
Says he: "An embellishment. With your foot."
Says me: "I did?"
nod in the affirmative.
Says me: "Oh . . . I think I was just tapping because he was having me wait. I'm always being told to wait. So I might have been tapping to rhythm. (At least I hope I was tapping to the rhythm.)"
Says he: "Well, it was very pretty."
"Thank you."

I really need to pay attention more.


AmpsterTango said...

Sometimes the most beautiful things just happen. No plans, no expectations, they just happen... If you let them

happyseaurchin said...

agree with ampstertango

sounds lovely

Mari said...

AmpsterTango and happyseaurchin - thank you. :) As uncomfortable as it sounds, I think I understand why being videotaped as part of learning to tango could be very valuable. Because apparently, while I'm dancing anyway, I seem to lose track of what I'm doing.

Anonymous said...

Mari: Lose track of what your doing, you say. Isn't that the point? It's called "Feeling that tango connection."