Need a reason to tango in Austin? Glover Gill and Tosca String Quartet!

Pianist Glover Gill and Tosca String Quartet are two of the best reasons to visit Austin's Argentine tango community. While Austin can boast some fantastic tango dj's at many local milongas, there's nothing like dancing to live tango music - music that Gill seems to tailor to the venue, the dancers, the mood - to create a beautifully unique experience every time.

From "Drawing on arrangements from the Golden Age of Tango, the group combines faithful renditions of early 20th century tangos, milongas, and waltzes with original compositions in the classic style.

"A self-taught accordionist, arranger, and composer, Mr. Gill has accompanied Luciano Pavarotti with The Austin Lyric Opera and provided arrangements for Ian Moore, Alejandro Escovedo, Russell Crowe, Tina Marsh, Double Trouble, Jon Dee Graham, and the Tosca String Quartet, among others."

From the Austin Chronicle: "Glover Gill is justifiably one of the best-known pianists in town, gracefully melting jazz, Western, classical, ragtime, and tango."

Gill's website, Glovertango, can be found here: . Scores and CD's can be found on the "Music" page of that site.

Tosca String Quartet's site is here:
Pictured: Glover Gill and Tosca String Quartet playing at a milonga at Esquina Tango in Austin.


AmpsterTango said...

I wish I knew you, and about this when I went there for a business trip. :-(

Mari said...

AmpsterTango: then you know what you have to do. Find a reason to visit again - you'd be very welcome here! (I would skip visiting in August however - crazy-making hot down here.)