Today's music: Esta noche by Federico Aubele

Esta noche volveré,
A cantarte
Esta noche volveré,
A buscarte
El tibio recuerdo,
Tus labios el aroma a jazmín,
Solo el tiempo cura,
‘l alma herida
Pero hoy el vino,
Trae aquella melodía otra vez,
El tibio recuerdo…

Tonight I will return,
To sing to you.
Tonight I will return,
To look for you.
The tepid memory,
Your lips and the aroma of jasmine,
Only time heals,
A wounded soul.
But today the wine,
Brings back that melody once more,
The lukewarm memory…

Thanks to Priscilla for these lyrics


Claudita said...

Mmmm, interesting! Like the Willie Nelson Track, not keen on Berlin (unless it's the city) and Federico Aubele is kinda wouldn't occurr to me to dance Tango to any of these, but then we all like different things. :-)

Mari said...

It's funny, when I'm outside of the milonga, it always seems like it would be great fun to dance to new and different songs. But once I get to the milonga, I'm deeply entranced by all of my favorite tango songs. It's almost like I "dance" to all kinds of music but I "dance tango" to traditional tango music. Even though the steps and movements are fundamentally the same. I associate them differently.