Stuck on vals!

After a month's "intensive" on vals at Esquina Tango - and then the continuation (due to popular demand) of vals classes into this month - I'm finding that I'm not only far more comfortable dancing vals - but that I get disappointed when little or no (gasp!) vals is played at the milonga. How did that happen so fast? Maybe it's just that the steps/patterns/choreography we've been learning involve a lot of turns (for example the "turning box" which is one of my very favorites so far) - a lot of fast turns. Most of the leaders I've danced with know that I'm pretty easy to entertain on the milonga floor - but turns of nearly any kind are my favorite. If I'm a little dizzy between songs - I'm having a good time. (I just have to refrain from making happy "wheee!" noises in my partner's ear.)

Next mission - conquering my fear of milonga!

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