Tango Feet: technique and exercises

After watching the video of my dancing, I was startled at how different my feet look from not only the dancers I admire most, but also from simply more advanced dancers. My instructors are always telling me to turn my feet out, caress the floor, point my toes etc etc. And while I attempt these various things, it never comes off to my (or their) satisfaction. I was clearly missing something. I've tried exercises to strengthen my ankles and my feet, increase my flexibility - but I still felt there was something missing in my alignment. I could see it in the video very clearly. I was stepping, but not dancing. So time for more research.

I started with Ney Melo and Jennifer Bratt's excellent advice HERE

Then followed with Tango and Chaos's extremely thorough page on the subject HERE

But it wasn't until I read this on Dance Forums, that I really got the alignment issue nailed. That post can be found HERE

Now I'm doing dozens of exercises under my desk and already feeling the subtle difference in my walk/gait. Hopefully soon I will look like I'm dancing, and not just stepping to the music.


Unknown said...

NICE!!!! Extremely helpful :)

Mari said...

Thank you Simona! abrazos!