Get up and dance.

When I arrived at Saturday's milonga, I felt I was in no condition to dance. My ears were ringing, I was exhausted, distracted, melancholy. Friday brought news of the death of a friend - a stupid, senseless death. I was angry at fate, maybe even at God, for taking a friend from this world in such a heartless way.

It's been long enough now that I at least recognize that it's better to go and sit at the milonga, to listen to music and talk with friends, than to sit at home contemplating the unfairness of it all. Still, I was in no mood to dance. But I can't help smiling when I walk into Esquina Tango. No matter what's happened, how my day has been - walking up the steps to Esquina is like going to the home of a favorite relative. It's cozy and warm and welcoming.

Milongas at Esquina always bring pleasant surprises. I don't know why or how that happens - but it happens every time I go. Tonight brought an old friend I hadn't seen in almost 15 years. I couldn't believe me eyes when I saw her after so long. Loss doesn't work like a balance sheet, but finding an old friend in the same 24 hours as getting the news that I'd lost another - I had no way to process that timing.

The mini-beginner class started and I got up to join in. I'd planned on doing some walking to the music and the usual pre-milonga class exercises. Nothing too taxing. Just another way to enjoy the music. When it came time to actually practice some dancing, I returned to my seat. But they were a woman short and so I got back up and joined the partnerless leader. This was the first time I would be dancing socially with this gentleman though he'd been in my classes.

The music started and I closed my eyes. The ringing in my ears stopped. The music got through the haziness in my brain and it felt wonderful. I didn't think about it, I didn't apologize for anything, I didn't warn him that I was tired. We just danced. How on earth did I think it would be better not to dance? Each song we danced I was completely surprised by the end. How did it go so fast?

When the milonga started, I danced and danced and danced. I chatted and caught up and hugged. Glover was wonderful. Fil played outstanding music during the breaks. I sniffled through Pat's birthday vals. The milonga was over before I knew it.

Maybe the best time dance is when I think I can't.


tangocherie said...

Oh yes!!
Bien dicho!

Unknown said...

Glover was wonderful.

Is that tattooed Glover Gill who plays piano that you're talking about?

Mari said...

Tangocherie - thank you!

Pete: the very same! I have pictures on my fb page. Of course he's microscopic in the shots that I took. :( I take it you've heard/seen him perform?

Eduardo Castro said...

Thanks for sharing Mari. Reading your post makes me want to be at Esquina. "It's cozy and warm and welcoming." Plus the live music, it could make me feel that I am in Buenos Aires.

Unknown said...

Yes! Glover taught at the Tango Solstice this summer with Sharna Fabiana.

He taught us about the tango rhythms Dos, Cuatro, and Sincopa.

They taught a great class and I hope to catch up with him when I visit Texas in a few months. He's quite the interesting fellow.

tangocherie said...

Years and years ago I heard him play with Tosca at the Viper Room on Sunset in L.A. I was blown away, and bought all their CDs.

Unfortunately that night it was a drinking not dancing crowd, certainly only about 5 people there even knew what tango was, and it was hard to even hear them properly with all the conversation and noise in the background.

But I became a fan, if not of the Viper Room, certainly of Glover Gil.