My Life as a Tango Blogger

My tango experience has combined three of my favorite activities - dancing, writing and photography. I think that's what makes this such a thorough addiction. Tango has worked it's way into so many parts of my life. Still, it's very challenging. I have a husband (who does not dance), a job, two shiba inu (dogs), and one nutty cat. Essentially, I have a full time home life, full time job and full time hobby.

My morning starts at 5:30am. I stumble to my office (sometimes I remember my glasses, most of the time I don't) turn on the monitor and open Firefox. It's usually about that time I remember I don't have my glasses on and have to go fetch them. If it's Wednesday, I'm extra sleepy because of the Tuesday night milonga, which usually puts me in bed around midnight or 1am the night before.

I log on to my email before I do anything else and open the same five tabs.

1. Gmail - I usually have 5 or 6 emails from tango dancers that I need to answer first thing, so I do that first.

2. Blogger (I have to check everyone else's blog updates, write comments if I have any.)

3. (Tango Argentino forum). I'm just addicted to it. No real excuse for that one except maaaaaybe "research". Mardi, I blame you for this :) .

4. Tango Connections - (Are you on this yet? It's like mini-Facebook for tango dancers!) I usually have a few emails to answer on TC and on Facebook.
5. (I never cared about Facebook until I started dancing, ironic isn't it?) The brilliant thing about Facebook and other social networks is that through them, I've gotten to know several tango dancers from all over the place - a few of whom have visited Austin since we connected online.

I also check occasionally ("@mkjohnson" if you want to follow me). Though I'm checking this one less and less as there seems to be more tango activity with my Facebook contacts.

By this time (usually about 20 minutes later) my stomach is growling and the puppies are circling (or is it the dogs that are growling and my stomach that's circling?) Either way, it's time to get busy on the rest of the day. Eat breakfast, walk dogs, wake husband, feed and worship the cat, wake husband again, go to work.

Then at some point during the day I get busy on the actual tango blogging. In between working and writing, I'm also prone to checking my email and Facebook updates compulsively. I love the internet. Really.

The Stuff I Write

Blogger - on MyTangoDiaries (, I take a look at my stats, visits, comments etc. Compose a new post. Crosspost links to it on Twitter, Facebook, Vox, and Livejournal.

Tango Connections - there isn't much crossover between my blogger site and TC, so I mirror most of my posts so that they're on each page/site.

Topix Tango - - I'm the editor of this little beauty. I get updates from Google news and Google blogs about Argentine Tango all over the world and "push" whatever articles aren't already automatically generated for the topix page. Then I go through event announcements and press releases and post those. (Note to teachers/organizers/dj's/webmasters - if you have tango news you'd like covered, just send me an email and I'll get it posted.)

Squidoo - I'm a "Lens master" for Central Texas Tango ( and Austin Spring Tango Festival ( As I get more info, videos, pictures etc from local events, I post them on either or both of those pages, as appropriate. As an interface goes, I'm not all that enamored of Squidoo but it is very useful. It is very limited

And now I have our community's Spring Tango Festival Website project too - (It's under construction - so I'll post a notice when that one's ready. Right now it has last year's information up.)

On the weekends I shoot and edit photos from milongas, classes, practicas - whatever I've managed to cover. I usually need a fairly large block of time for that so it all gets saved up for Sundays.

So that's my life as a tango blogger.
(PS - If you like the tank top, click on the picture to buy it from "IQ Therefore I am" on CafePress.)


Anonymous said...

EEEK -so busy! I guess if you are enjoying it all, that's what's important and it doesn't seem as much like work.

Unknown said...

Busy is as busy does. Be on the lookout for Tango burnout! I'm amazed that you're still going strong after years of blogging and all the other activities you're involved in.

Good for you!

PS - I have a feeling the tank top won't look good on me ;)

Mari said...

It's funny that blogging never seems like work. It's how I learn anything and everything - I start a blog about it. I (try to) approach every new topic as though I'm going to have to turn around and teach it. That's just how I make stuff work for me.

Pete - Tango burnout? Not likely lol. Tango is providing too many things that I really love in my life - music, connection, dancing, community, friendship, plus the writing and photography. (Plus wine and chocolate at milongas!) So much good stuff in one package - couldn't give that up!

and yeah - I think a stretchy, pink tank top might be a little risque for your milonga attire. lol