Tango Apilado - Time to put my money where my mouth is

Those of you readers who are also on Tango Connections may have seen my post about abrazo apilado asking if the apilado embrace was widely used in different communities. Locally, tango salon is more widely danced than either milonguero or apilado (though the line between milonguero and apilado can be blurry.) Though it's rare, when I have had the opportunity to be led in that style, I really enjoyed the embrace and the musicality of it.

So, fast forward to yesterday when I get an email announcing that Daniela Arcuri is going to be teaching a class on Tango Apilado on Saturday. What are the chances??? I can't believe my luck! Not only will I get to learn and practice the technique, but I'll get to see who else has an interest in that style!

You can see another example of apilado style with Tete Rusconi here and a video here.


Unknown said...

I love that slow, slinky style they're using. I've seen many of the Baltimore community members switch between open and close salon style embrace.

They love separation down here. Independence! :)

Mari said...

Slow and slinky - great way to put it, Pete. I like that. Have you seen this thread topic on Dance-forums.com:
"The Pain of Close Embrace" -


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how my comment got to the other thread...????

But- here it is again...

If you haven't, be sure to read Zoopsia's comment on how hard it is to go from true closed to open. Most people I have danced with who drift back and forth are not using the same kind of closed in the vid. It's really just so hard to change that mid dance.

Mari said...

bastetsbeads - agreed. I think with the intense level of connection it takes to lead and follow in apilado, moving back and forth between open and close would be like constantly "resetting" the embrace. I'm not sure if that's the right word.. It's hard for me to describe what it felt like to be led that way.