tango tears

I've cried once during Poema . . .

Of that one intoxicating poem,
nothing is left between us,
I say my sad goodbye,
you'll feel the emotion,of my pain…

Lyrics by: Eduardo Bianco
Music by: Mario Melfi

I consistently tear up through Sur and Adios Nonino...

Nostalgias of things that have past,
sand that life swept away,
sorrow for the barrio that have changed,
and bitterness for a dream that died.

Sur - Lyrics by: Homero Manzi, music by Anibal Troilo

I constantly have a handkerchief tucked into some pocket or article of clothing when I dance for precisely that reason. I also have a speech prepared for explaining the waterworks to bewildered partners. "No, I promise I'm not injured - you didn't step on me. Really, I'm just fine - just a bit emotional over that song." It's not just the song though. When it's happened, it's been a kind of alignment of factors. The right time, the right music, the right partner - the right dance. Not a perfect, flawless dance. Not even an overwhleming passionate dance of the sort you read in romance novels. Sometimes it's a feeling of being overwhelmed by comfort.

Very, very occasionally, I'll see damp eyes on my partner and feel a bit of relief. Maybe it's not just me. But then, of course, I catch myself wondering the same thing they do - did I just step on his foot?

(translation of lyrics by Alberto Paz, http://www.planet-tango.com/) Image above, Pablo Vega, available here: Art.com


hans peter meyer said...

Nice blog... great foto! ;-)
(I've got a wee tango /buenos aires project that I'm writing about here ... one of my missions is to create images with words/fotos of what this dance means to me ... www.hanspetermeyer.blogspot.com)

abrazos... h.

Mari said...

Hans - your photography is just beautiful! I like your blog as well. The above picture is not my creation unfortunately - it's photographer Pablo Vega, of whom I'm a pretty big fan.

I'll add your blog to my links here. I look forward to reading more on your project!

Unknown said...

Not even an overwhelming passionate dance of the sort you read in romance novels. Sometimes it's a feeling of being overwhelmed by comfort.

I can understand how the overwhelming normalcy that tango instills in us can make a person cry.

It's as if all the distractions in our heads finally chill out and let our emotions run a muck.

If anything, tango is there to remind us we're human (because we forget!). Mari, remind me to tell you about the shocks I had installed in my feet to prevent the stepping of the toes :)

As always, a great and honestly-written post.

Mari said...

Thank you Pete - for your comment and your encouragement.