Accidental Milonga

Technically the milonga wasn't accidental - my attendance was. I had every intention of going to the UT practica and practicing any and all of the wonderful things I learned in my lessons. I went to the building and everything! As I walked up to the Student Union with another tango dancer - a fire alarm was set off. The building was evacuated and no one was allowed back in.

Obviously the tango gods did not want to me to go to the practica.

So we all climbed into various vehicles (thank you A.P.!) and caravaned over to the Texas French Bread milonga (which was already enjoying a pretty nice turnout.) Once we filed in, the number increased by another third or so which made for a very festive atmosphere.

Even though, in my excitement, I forgot nearly everything I learned in my lessons - it was an absolutely amazing milonga. I need practice, I really do - but in the middle of the week, when the next (weekend) milonga seems so very far away, I think I need this milonga more. So, for me it's back to one practica every other week, and three milongas almost every week.

In lieu of feedback from practicas, I wish milongas could have a sort "exit questionaire" to hand out at the end of the night - like the ones you get when you quit a job. The form would have questions like:

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how were Mari's ochos?"
"Mari is making progress on maintaining connection through the embrace. True or False?"

Okay, maybe not . . .


TomK said...

not too bad M........:)

Mari said...

haha - the post, my ochos, or my connection through the embrace?

Anonymous said...

If you really want honest feedback on how you look on the dancefloor, ask one of your lady friends to watch you. Or dance with a teacher!
If you have enjoyed an evening of dancing, I wouldn't worry too much.

Mari said...

Londontango - thank you for responding and for your advice. I'm lucky enough to frequently sit with a group of great followers and we chat quite a bit about dancing, but I think no one wants to sound critical. My teachers are mostly women and I'm afraid they wouldn't enjoy spending their night off leading a girl very much. I think you're right and I should probably just relax and have a good time. And make the most out of what few practicas I can go to.