"I was up dancing tango"

I'm dragging today. Another Tuesday night milonga means a late night before and early morning work day. I go through this every week. And I don't plan to change a thing. It's worth it. It's worth every yawn, worth every "could you repeat what you just said? My brain wandered off." It's worth every, "you look kinda tired today."

"I was up dancing tango." (I try to stifle the glee I feel every time I tell someone at work that.)

So many great things about last night's milonga. A tanguero finding *his* tango. Dancing the heck out of a milonga - I mean *flying* the milonga. Lovely. New people. Old friends. Tanguera bonding. Putting down roots in this amazing community of warm, kind, big-hearted tango dancers. What could be more welcome than a solid, weekly milonga venue with good friends, good food and live music from Glover? I can't think of thing.

No se pierdan ni un compás de este tango
que va cautivando rebelde y dulzón.
Entre vueltas y requiebros galantes
imaginemos hoy vivir el tiempo de antes;
ese tiempo feliz
del chambergo bien gris,
el piropo locuaz
y el farol de arrabal.
No se pierdan ni un compás de este tango...
Así, al escucharlo, ¡qué lindo es bailar!

Don't miss a single beat of this tango
captivating, rebellious and overly sweet.
In between turns and gallant compliments
let's imagine today living in a foregone time;
that happy time
of the real gray broad-brimmed soft hat,
the loquacious compliment
and the suburb’s lamppost.
Don’t miss a single beat of this tango…
So, in listening to it, how nice it is to dance!

---Muchachos, comienza la ronda (Hey guys, the round begins!)
Music by: Luis Porcell
Lyrics by: Leopoldo Diaz Velez

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