Tears and Laughter: A Tango Puzzle

Tango has brought many puzzles to my life but the one I'm pondering now is one I don't think I can actively do anything about.

Tango makes me sentimental, sometimes melancholy, sometimes just contemplative.

Dancing, nearly any kind of dancing, makes me buoyant, usually requiring me to stifle giggles to be able to do it all.

In dancing tango, my brain gets confused.

Take for example, dancing to Malena (or Volver, or Sur), whose lyrics I've posted before. Very melancholy song. The music makes me sad, almost overwhelmingly so. Being able to dance to it with milonguero-style dancer - makes me irrepressibly happy. Having the lyrics sung to me in Spanish - also brings a ridiculously silly grin to my face. But it's a terribly sad song! Which leaves my brain wondering, 'is this happy or sad?' I end up teary-eyed and giggling at the same time.

What kind of tango dancer laughs during Malena, I ask you?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps, dancing to sad songs just makes us feel more complete...feeling more than one emotion at the same time sounds like a really good thing.

Anonymous said...

One that is slightly twisted, but in a good way! x