Tango Moments of WIN - "IMMT"

"It Made My Tanda/Milonga"

You may have seen the very funny website, "It Made My Day" (http://itmademyday.com/) - or "IMMD". People post something they overheard or saw that made them laugh (or sometimes just feel good). I have frequently caught myself thinking that one particular thing made the tanda wonderful, or even my whole evening at a milonga. Sometimes something funny happened and took the pressure off.

So how about you? Can you think of something that made your tanda? Or your whole milonga?

Here are a couple of mine . . .

I was dancing with one of my favorite partners when the beautiful song "Malena" came on. My partner hummed softly to the beginning, and then very quietly sang along - in Spanish. And then in English. IMMM

Just as I was about to leave a particularly rough milonga, a very sweet tanguero asked me to dance. I told him I was so tired and not dancing well, and he said "that's okay, we'll just walk." And we did. It was the most soothing, beautiful dance all night. IMMM


I had so many more to add, I had to wait until I got home to write them up!

After a challenging and exhilarating Biagi tanda, the music stopped and I was still breathless. Instead of letting go of me, my leader hugged me closer for just a moment before walking me to my table. IMMT

She was the first person to greet me at my first milonga (I was literally shaking I was so nervous) and when I said goodbye, she hugged me like she'd known me for years. IMMM

When this particular tanguero (with whom I took vals classes) looks for me during a vals tanda - It Makes My Tanda.

When I realized that the talented leader I'd just had a lovely dance with was the same tanguero I had been corresponding with online (neither of us had any idea who the other was) - It Made My Tango Festival.

Generally speaking, when I can feel my leader being moved, physically and emotionally, by the music - IMMT - often, it IMMM.

Okay, I have to stop now or I'll be at this all night. So many moments like these...


St├ęphanie said...

Excellent idea!

I had a great partner who sang to my ear. I'd always make a point to leave after dancing with him because it jut could not get better than that.

Eduardo Castro said...

When I am able to dance and enjoy every single tanda (no breaks for eating or taking pictures) with almost everyone at a milonga and I don't feel that I am tired at the end of the night (until I get home): IMMM

When I travel thousands of miles for a tango festival and I dance with someone who I can feel dance with her heart: IMMT and IMMF (it made my festival)

Mark Word said...

This BMMD!!!