What to expect from your 11 mo. old (tango) baby

I needed some cheering up . . .

"At the age of 11 months standing and cruising around the room by holding onto furniture keeps your little one very busy.

(Crusing around the room yes, but I draw the line at holding on to furniture.)

Baby may even take a few steps on her own. Some babies like standing so much they refuse to sit down! This will wear off eventually.

(About the time feet start hurting . . .)

Some of the major milestones for the 11-month-old include the following:

- Standing by herself for a moment or two, and maybe walking if her hand is held.

(Yes, please hold my hand, I still get lost trying to find my table. You should walk me there anyway since that's probably where you put down your eye glasses.)

- Waving and turning around without falling.

(We'll see about that.)

- Using one word to mean a whole thought, and using the word "no," even when meaning yes.

("No, really, I'm done dancing. See my shoes are off and everything! Okay, just one more.")

- Copying everything she sees, wanting approval, and testing you to see what she can get away with.

(I'm over that, I promise. Well. mostly. Half the time.)

Source minus my commentary: http://solutions.psu.edu/Parenting_612.htm


Captain Jep said...

Does this baby also like wine and chocolate? lol ..

@Tangoso said...

Lovely! Thanks

Mark Word said...

You talk way to much to be just 11 months old! :-)
Great blog...Regarding hand holding: Okay, you've "outed" me on taking you back to your table to get my glasses. But it really is not (just) that. We tend not to say anything for the whole tanda, including between songs. How else can we talk without returning you to your table? And wasn't it Moses who said: "Thou shalt return the lady to her table"?

Mari said...

Captain Jep - most definitely. It appears the taste for wine developed a bit early lol

Tangoso - thank you so much. nice to see you here :-)

Mark - Yeah, I definitely talk waaaaaay too much. Be thankful you don't live with me!