Winning the (pain) battle

Thanks to Mardi Brown of Georgetown Tango, this morning was the first morning after a milonga I didn't feel like a 100 year old woman trying to hobble around the house. Her recommendation of Tacco metatarsal pads (added to cushioned foam insoles) was right on the money. I can't believe how much better my feet felt. I was really starting to wonder if capsulitis was going to win and I was going to have to either quit or severely limit my dancing.

Anyone with pain in the ball of their feet should consider the Tacco line. You can get a few of their inserts, like the "drop-shaped" metatarsal pads at Austin Shoe Hospital, if you're in the area. You can also find them at . Also, please consult with your doctor if the pain in your feet is persistent, acute or if you get little to no relief from otc pain relievers.

You can get more information about foot pain conditions at as well, but this does not take the place of medical advice.


St├ęphanie said...

Thanks for this post and for the links.

I finally put a name on my ailment!

tangopassionista said...

I'd be interested to know which of the products you used. I'm tempted to get some of the drop-shaped pads, but think it must be tricky to affix them in the right spot. Any helpful hints?

Mari said...

Stephanie - let me know how you fair with your feet! I've had to learn to take it a little bit easier, but I'm doing a bit better finally.

Tangopassionista - I would definitely recommend using double sided sticky tape before you adhere the pads to the shoe permenantly. The glue they use on the bottom is very strong so they're tough to move once they're in.

These are the pads I've had the best luck with (though it might be easier and more comfy at first to put them between the inner sole of the shoe and another thin foam insole:

They seem to be widely available at shoe repair places and stores that specialize in comfort shoes.