No Perfect Art

Tango is Art.

. . .

Art class. Mr. Agacinski.(Forgive me, Mr. A, if I misspelled your name. Of course you always mispronounced mine, opting instead to call me, "a real stand-up broad" - which I kind of liked, so we can call it even.) :-)
Mr. A laid out the rules very simply. All projects would be graded on a scale of 1-99%. A large portion of the class was outraged (really, I'm not kidding, outraged!) that earning 100% on an assignment, or for the semester, was impossible. So seeing that several of his students were clearly disgruntled by his rule, he acquiesced.

Sort of. . . He offered a deal.

"All or nothing."
You could have a chance to earn 100% on an art project, but if he found a flaw anywhere in the piece, the grade would be zero.

Several students smiled, getting the implication. Others still balked. "But there's always going to be something you can find wrong with it!" "How can you judge if a painting is perfect???"

To which Mr. A responded, "exactly".

"Seeking perfection is in direct opposition to creating art."

"Now sketch these peanuts left over from my lunch."

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Margo Romero said...

Excellent post... =) Sums up my frame of mind regarding "enjoying the journey and not obsessing over the result!"