The Texas French Bread Weekly Milonga

(Photo 1: Warming up the floor before the milonga.)

There is a lot to love about dancing at Texas French Bread (a campus-area restaurant and bakery). Walking in and smelling herbs roasting for the dinner entrees, warm bread, plus cakes and other desserts from the counter - irresistible! Outside, the street is gray and dark, lit only with the cold fluorescent lights from other buildings and street lights. The lights from TFB's windows shine gold and warm - so inviting. If I arrive a little late, Glover Gill is already playing and I can hear the piano just as I get to the door. When I close my eyes, I can hear layers of music, glasses clinking, shoes whispering over the floor.

This milonga is the highlight of my week.

This last Tuesday I only had enough time for a few tandas, then I had to return to campus, and then take the bus home.

First tanda of the night, I danced with El Oso ("El Abrazo de Oso"), I was still so cold from being outside. We danced off the chill by the end of the first song. Dances with El Oso unwound the knots in my mood - smoothed the furrow I could feel between my eyebrows.

Then the next song started... I danced to Malena with El Leon. How could my night get any better than this?

Third tanda with a tanguero who is always so playful (and patient). (He doesn't have a nickname yet.)

Back in my chair just in time to check my watch - already time to go. I switch shoes, say my goodbyes and dash for the door.

Tuesdays at TFB are never long enough.

(Photo 2: Glover Gill at the piano in Texas French Bread.)

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Hombre de Lata said...

El León... the playful one is Scarecrow, I am Tin-Man (Hombre de Lata) because I sleep in my car so much from driving so far to milongas. That makes you Dorthy. Get some ruby tango shoes. But no clicking. I just returned from Junction City, Kansas, and I don't want to return to "those parts" for a while.