The web is a-flutter . . .

. . talking about tango connection.

Sallycatway got the ball rolling with her post,, called "The Milongueros I love - The Gift (Pt. 1)" - a brilliant post you should read right away.

Really, it's okay, I'll wait.
. . .

I told you it was brilliant, didn't I?

"I have a theory that the milongueros I love the most of all, share a secret. And, it is the secret of how to obtain the gift. The gift is unbelievably precious, is given by women in the tango embrace, and once tasted by a man, cannot be resisted: it will keep him dancing tango, in pursuit of bliss, until the day he dies.

"What is the gift? If you dance tango, you’ll probably know what I mean, or maybe you will by the time you’ve finished reading this post. Let me describe the 6 classic bliss-seeking behaviours of all the milongueros I love the most: various combinations of these things guarantee that I will give the gift to them, and these guys know it, the clever devils."

Now she asks two questions:

Tango dancing guys reading this, have you experienced the gift that I speak of, for yourselves? Do you understand the secret to getting it and would your behaviour show me that you do?

Tango dancing girls, do you know when you have given the gift? And what, in your favourite dance partners, ensures that you can — any of the behaviours I’ve listed above ring luscious-sounding bells?

Ponder that for awhile and leave an answer for her, if you haven't already.

It's a wonderful discussion that's cropping up in other places as well. TangoCommuter has taken up the topic on his blog as well, and that's definitely worth the read.

Over on Dance-forums, a poster has asked questions along the same lines: Trying to demystify the whole "magic connection/tango bliss" topic. It's getting loads of responses, so dive in.

Get in on the discussion(s) - let other readers and dancers know what things your favorite dancers do to give you that "gift". Do you have specific ways that you offer it?


AmpsterTango said...

I think I do? Maybe?

The Accidental Tangoiste said...

What a serendipitous day! I'm so happy I saw you've started following my blog (hey, thanks, by the way! Hi!) and then scampered over here to read yours, and saw that you linked to SallyCat on this! Because oh my God, YES! Forever and ever, amen!