Tango Shoe Makeover

I love tango shoes with decorations, but I don't have the moolah for Greta Floras with the adorable leather flowers, or Comme il Fauts with bows and lace (even if I could find a pair that fit) so I found a vintage(ish) solution - shoe clips!! Why didn't I think of this sooner?

I love the vintage clips from "Not Just Musi Bows" on Ruby Lane - they're very nicely priced and have lots of unique styles. The backs are c-shaped (and very flat) to fit the shape of the shoe well, and priced very nicely - starting around $11. The selections are a bit limited but have lots of pizazz.

You can get new, really glitzy ones from Absolutely Audry like these, for about $25. Absolutely Audrey has a pretty impressive selection in just about any color imaginable - but the price is a bit higher. It's really a matter of what kind of look you're going for. If you need to match a particular outfit, Absolutely Audrey is probably the way to go.

(Pictured above "Juliette" in brown, $24.99)

(Note: This is not a paid advertisement for shoe clips from any particular company and I am not getting reimbursed for reviewing anyone's product.)


jen said...

i do this to my shoes too!

The Accidental Tangoiste said...

Wonderful idea for an easy shoe makeover!

If you want the Gretaflora signature flower (you know, for the fun of having those specifically), the last time I checked they were selling those separately as clips too. :)

Mari said...

Jen - cool beans! I'll keep sharing links to the places I find with good selections.

AT - I wasn't able to find the Gretaflora flowers for sale online - just pictures of them. I have a feeling they're more than the $11 I paid for my leather flowers though. :( Still, the GF's are gorgeous!

Not Just MUSI Bows said...

Thanks, Mari, so much for featuring my items and shop in your blog.