Today's Music: Llorar Por Una Mujer

Such a beautiful song, and I've had it in my head for days. Finally, I decided I need to read the full translation so that my earworm has actually meaning. Like most tangos, it's sad. It crying over a woman. To further highlight the beauty of the dancing possibilities for this one, I've also embedded a videos of the uber-fabulous Ney Melo and Jennifer Bratt and Melina Sedó and Detlef Engel performing to it.

You can see another beautiful interpretation of the song by Detlef and Melina HERE.

Llorar Por Una Mujer

To cry for a woman
Music by: Enrique Rodriguez
Lyrics by: Enrique Cadicamo
Translated by:
Alberto Paz
Another translation for comparison, is available from by Jake Spatz

Conozco muchos que después de criticar
se fueron a clavar en un cariño
y esos, después de reír,
los he visto sufrir
y llorar como niños...
Ahí nadie puede guapear
porque he visto aflojar
hasta el más sobrador.
Si no querés pifiar
tendrás que caminar
con cuidado en el amor.

llorar por una mujer
es quererla
y no tenerla.
Llorar por una mujer
es muy hondo padecer.
Vos, que pa'l amor
fuiste retobao,
hoy tu pena es fuerte
y te tiene arrinconcao,
y hoy que no la ves
y que la querés
se te achica el alma,
y recién sabés
lo que es:
llorar por una mujer.

Muchachos, ya lo ven,
al potro del amor
no hay gaucho domador que lo domine.
Cuando nos entra a tallar
una pena de amar,
el varón se define...
Ahí comprobamos lo que es
ese fiero revés
que nos hace llorar...
Conozco muchos que
después de criticar
los he ido a consolar.


I know many who after criticizing
ended up stuck in an romance
and them, after having laughed,
I have seen them suffering
and crying like children...
There nobody can bluff
because I have seen weakened
even the most conceited.
If you don't want to fail
you will have to thread
with care in matters of love.

To cry,
to cry for a woman
is to want her
and not to have her.
To cry,
To cry for a woman
is very deep suffering
You, who, for love
were cunning,
today your heartache is strong
and it has you cornered
and today that you can't see her
and that you want her
your soul shrinks
and now you know
what is like
To cry,
to cry for a woman.

Guys, so you see,
for the colt of love
there is no horse breaker gaucho to dominate it.
When we start being annoyed
by a heartache of love,
the man defines himself...
There we verify what it is
that fierce misfortune
that makes us cry...
I know many that
after criticizing
I have gone to console them.

and Detlef and Melina . . . .

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