A little tango light reading

. . . courtesy of Books.Google.com

Some texts are complete, others aren't - but there's a wealth of good reading to be had!

"The Wicked Waltz and Other Scandalous Dances" by Mark Knowles (2009)

Contemporary Readings in Social Problems By Anna Leon-Guerrero, Kristine M. Zentgraf (2008)

Tango and the political economy of passion By Marta Savigliano (1996)

Tango: The Art History of Love By Robert Farris Thompson (2006)

The tango in the United States: a history By Carlos G. Groppa (2004)

The living age, Volume 279 By Robert S. Littell (1913)

The Rotarian Mar 2000

From tejano to tango: Latin American popular music By Walter Aaron Clark (2002)

The Temptation to Tango: Journeys of Intimacy and Desire By Larry M. Sawyer, Irene D. Thomas (2005)

Tango Lover's Guide to Buenos Aires: Insights and Recommendations By Romero Migdalia Romero (2010)

National rhythms, African roots: the deep history of Latin American popular ... By John Charles Chasteen (2004)

Yoga Journal Mar-Apr 2000 - The Tao of Tango by Deirdre Guthrie

Intersecting tango: cultural geographies of Buenos Aires, 1900-1930 By Adriana J. Bergero (2008)

Something in the way she moves: dancing women from Salome to Madonna By Wendy Buonaventura (2003)

Love for Sale: A World History of Prostitution By Nils Johan Ringdal, Richard Daly (2004)

Sex & danger in Buenos Aires: prostitution, family, and nation in Argentina By Donna J. Guy (1991)
Tango in Translation: Tanz zwischen Medien, Kulturen, Kunst und Politik By Gabriele Klein (Hg.) (2009)

Whiny Ruffians and Rebellious Broads: Tango as a Spectacle of Eroticized Social Tension -- Marta E. Savigliano, Theatre Journal, Vol. 47, No. 1 (Mar., 1995), pp. 83-104. Published by: The Johns Hopkins University Press

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